Aircross Uinfinite 20

600 €

I sell my Aircross U-Infinite 20 sqm (with additional brand new lines set).
Because I just bought the same in 18 sqm.
I’m the second owner. I bought it in 2018 and flew only about 10 hours with it, never sand or water, just 3-4 tumblings and a few heli and sat training. Precedent owner has used it about 30 hours, misty, sat, heli and rythmic trainings.
Checked by a pro in 2018, in excellent condition for the lines, trimming and porosity, but 2 ripstops on the leading edge. Only 30 little runs since this last control.
Very rare and nice glider !
Long trims, unique color red, white and blue ; comes with an Aircross concertina, additional brand new lines set, but no backpack.