ICARO Nikita 5 (65-85) 17 (under 10hrs)


Guys i'm selling my Icaro Nikita 5 17

Weight Range is (65-85) KG

I brought it last year and it has under 10 hours, max 10 tumbles and mainly helis on it.

I dislocated my elbow start pf last season and only managed to do a handful of flights on it.

I'm getting another Nikita but an 18 as i feel flying a 17 with very little acro over the year would impeded my progress.


On only my second flight i found the smallest of tears on the wing tip, i have no idea how it happend as it was only my second flight. The tear is very small but i patched it up straight away. The glider is in excellent condition.

Im' asking for £1000 posted, no offers as i think its a very reasonable price for the the condition and use its had.

Any question drop me a message Danny.