Emilie Peace 2 --- 18 sqm --- Flamingo

1500 EUR

Hi folks,

I'm about to sell my beautiful Emilie Peace 2. This is truly an amazing wing, I'm only selling because due to time issues I'm going for a bigger size again.

Colour set Flamingo.
Bought brand new mid of 2018.
Absolutely perfect condition, still I did find that the outer sheath of the break stem line is worn where the knot was.
Here and there some small mud stains
which I didn't dare to wash off completely.

Once in the water (Lac d'Annecy).
Never in the sand.
About 150 runs, most of them short ones over the lake.
A couple of short infinities, tumblings, AsySAT. Apart from that helico, WO, SAT...coconut attempts.

The wing is currently at AirG Products headquarters in Innsbruck, Austria. Contact Simon to arrange testing.

The wing comes with the standard brake handles plus the classic repair kit. You'll find a break stem line to replace the current one as the outer sheath is worn.

Price is pretty fix and does not include shipping.


Edited: price and conditions
Edited: wing location and infos about the
brake stem line