U-Turn Blackout+ 18

1200 EUR / 2000 NZD

Bought it new in July 2019, done 275 flights (37 hours) since then, mostly in Gerlitzen and around Queenstown, NZ, nice grassy launches and landing.

The glider is in great conditions, no tears, no patches, never been in a tree. I took it for a bath in Lake Dunstan a few times during the AcroFest (so it's nice and clean).

It's also the coolest colors (most important factor when buying a wing)!

I retrimmed it about 6 months ago (didn't have to do much) and haven't flow much since then.

One brake line was replaced (now one is blue and the other orange, easier to not mix left and right). But I could actually order new brake lines from U-Turn.

Never had to throw my reserve (although it tried a few times to give up on me! I guess I was being inconsiderate...).

I'm flying with free brakes, but still have the original brake pulleys that I can put back on.