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Seller: Marcello
Posted: 4 months ago
Price: Posted: 4 months ago
Price: 750
Category: Glider
Seller: Serjoga
Posted: 4 months ago

Pegas TOY 20

No hard acro, no tumblings, no water, no sand or trees. No time for practice with such fast wing. It has about 20h of flying. Manufacturing year 2013. Or changing for some bigger glider, smth about...
Price: 750 Posted: 4 months ago
Price: 600 EUR
Category: Harness
Seller: Lucia
Posted: 4 months ago


I have acro 3 S Tribal for Sale. I used it just few times and is almost new with no acro manouvers no damage no water etc. Price is 600€ - quick deal =price reduction possibility ;) . For sure you...
Price: 600 EUR Posted: 4 months ago
Price: £100
Category: Accessory
Seller: Lisa Wood
Posted: 4 months ago

Ozone rucksack bag. 130 Litres

Large Ozone rucksack bag. Purchased 2018 and used only a few times. Good condition. Tiny hole in top flap by the logo as shown on picture.
Price: £100 Posted: 4 months ago
Price: £100 gbp
Category: Accessory
Seller: Lisa Wood
Posted: 4 months ago

Charlie Quick Out Carabiners

A pair of Charlie Quick Out Carabiners. Purchased in 2018. Only used a few times.
Price: £100 gbp Posted: 4 months ago
Price: £550 GBP
Category: Harness
Seller: Lisa Wood
Posted: 4 months ago

Sup air Acro 3 Tribal Harness. Small

Purchased in 2018 and used only a few times. Almost new condition. Small size but too big for me which is why I’m selling it.
Price: £550 GBP Posted: 4 months ago
Price: 750 VHB
Category: Flying instrument
Seller: Rene.Woch
Posted: 4 months ago


Verkaufe Emilie peace 2 17. Bj. 2017 guter zustand, kein Wasser, kein sand, keine Bäume, keine Reperaturen es wurden mac twists mistys corks und infinitys geflogen, tuch ist top. leinen sind gut...
Price: 750 VHB Posted: 4 months ago
Price: 150
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: ericfradet
Posted: 4 months ago

emergency reserve Parachute

Firelite Reserve parachute 176 square feet from July 2000 good condition ask
Price: 150 Posted: 4 months ago
Price: 900 Eruo
Category: Glider
Seller: Yasseracro
Posted: 5 months ago

Air g sofie

Air g sofie size 21 sqm Clean One d bag No water drop
Price: 900 Eruo Posted: 5 months ago
Price: 1467 euros
Category: Harness
Seller: jackpimblett
Posted: 6 months ago

Avasport Cutaway

Brand new Avasport Cutaway. Large 0 flights, never used. Located in Organya ready for it's new owner!
Price: 1467 euros Posted: 6 months ago
Price: 1.260
Category: Glider
Seller: manuelfresh
Posted: 6 months ago

Emilie peace 2 ,18m

EMILIE PEACE 18 I sell 16 real flights by wrong size
Price: 1.260 Posted: 6 months ago
Price: 1800 euros
Category: Harness
Seller: Jano35
Posted: 7 months ago

Sup'air Base system M

Base system taille M super état, acheté neuf juillet 2017, voile de Base d'origine, jamais tirée, vendue avec 2 poignée base et une poignée normal, accelerateur et largeur d'accelerateur.
Price: 1800 euros Posted: 7 months ago
Price: 1150 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: Max Neubert
Posted: 10 months ago

Icaro Aquila 22

I am selling my Aquila in size 22. The condition is like new. It has only 10 flights.
Price: 1150 EUR Posted: 10 months ago
Price: 1500€
Category: Glider
Seller: janek
Posted: 11 months ago

Emilie Smile 22

Almost new condition manufactured in 05/2016 Wing has only 5 hrs, light freestyle - helico training only which was done in XC harness:( Selling as has other commitments - XC race and sailplanes....
Price: 1500€ Posted: 11 months ago
Price: 1550 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: tolga08
Posted: 1 year ago

AirG Emilie Smile 22M

I didnt fly many, just flew max 50 times and i did only sat, spin and stol. Year is 2017. Glider is like a brand new. Newer seen water and no tear. contact with me please from whatsup +905324716660
Price: 1550 EUR Posted: 1 year ago