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Price: 999
Category: Glider
Seller: Sebbi
Posted: 1 week ago

Blackout 17

Hello, i want to sell my Blackout 17. Year of Production: April / Mai 2016 The gilder has already the Blackout + Trimm. The glider has been checked in Dezember 2016. Cheers Sebastian
Price: 999 Posted: 1 week ago
Price: 1100eur
Category: Glider
Seller: Miguel Martins
Posted: 2 weeks ago

niviuk zion 17

Like new max 5 flyght´s
Price: 1100eur Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 990 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: simon2
Posted: 2 weeks ago

AirG Emilie Smile 17

Selling my AirG Emilie Smile 17, because of switching to 16m2. First flight with this wing was in July. No comps, no water and no sand. :) Just showflights and training. Glider is in very good...
Price: 990 EUR Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 750
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: youngstar
Posted: 2 weeks ago

Rogallo Rescue SKY Drive II 38m² - 1,85kg - max. 135kg NEW

Selling brand new SKY Skydrive II 38m² 1,85kg 135kg max. Rescue was never installed and is brand new. Shipping just inside Europe
Price: 750 Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 550 €
Category: Harness
Seller: xgirard
Posted: 2 weeks ago

Sup'Air Acro 3

Sup'Air Acro 3 taille S en exellent état, jamais passée à l'eau, sable terre etc. Neuve de 2013, uniquement des Sat, Décro, Wing Over
Price: 550 € Posted: 2 weeks ago
Category: Glider
Seller: Pablo Andreu
Posted: 2 weeks ago

Looking for 18 sqm glider

Hello guys! Im looking for a 18 sqm glider, emilie peace, joker, blackout...Thanks!
Price: Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 2600 Euro
Category: Glider
Seller: carper87
Posted: 2 weeks ago

selling advance epsilon 8 size25

Selling epsilon 8 25 Colour pacific Like New about 10 up gliders
Price: 2600 Euro Posted: 2 weeks ago
Category: Harness
Seller: Olanzuan
Posted: 2 weeks ago

WANTED: RR Base Harness L

Looking for SUPAir RR base system in L size. Good condition with original canopy. Contact by email on or phone. Offer price! Thanks
Price: Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 2600 CHF
Category: Harness
Seller: zueblinj
Posted: 2 weeks ago

AvaSport AcroBase + Base

AvaSport Base System dernière génération achetée en 2016. Couleurs spéciales rouge et noir. Taille L. Etat neuf (40 vols). Base : Performance Designs : PR 235 neuf (acheté en 2016, jamais testé)...
Price: 2600 CHF Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 1900 euros
Category: Harness
Seller: FLO13
Posted: 2 weeks ago

Sup'air Base Harness

I sell my Base harness from sup'air, first flights in 2014, very good conditions, checked by sup'air 2 month ago. I sell it with the original Troll 255 base canopy. With all the spare handles and...
Price: 1900 euros Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 850
Category: Glider
Seller: Jossfan
Posted: 2 weeks ago

RR Rolling 24

Bonjour, vends RR Rolling 24, 130h, suspentage neuf !
Price: 850 Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 1400 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: Lemasson
Posted: 2 weeks ago

Octane 2 en 22m

A vendre Ozone Octane 2 Taille 22 m Env. 100h Pas figures dynamique, pas eau ni sable Très bon état Contrôlée ce jour 30.01.2017 Visible Suisse/Chamonix
Price: 1400 EUR Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 430 EUR (+Ship.)
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: benji_jako
Posted: 2 weeks ago

Vomblon papillon 2008

Vomblon papillon Perfect condition 2008 Shipping possible, located in France
Price: 430 EUR (+Ship.) Posted: 2 weeks ago
Price: 340
Category: Glider
Seller: kbozone
Posted: 3 weeks ago

Dune Glider / Proto-Skyline Buzzard / Acro-glider 17m²

Duneglider: Acro 17m² / Skyline Buzzard (Prototype) i flew the glider just for 3 hours at the dune, with very strong wind before that it was just flown above lakes Hersteller: Skyline Model: Buzzard...
Price: 340 Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: 700 euros
Category: Glider
Seller: fablefab
Posted: 3 weeks ago

Uturn Thriller X4 proto 18m2

Selling my Uturn Thriller X4 proto 18m2( no events on intrado) -/+ 50h in really good condition. Sending fees not included.
Price: 700 euros Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: 500
Category: Glider
Seller: davidmalaguita
Posted: 3 weeks ago

Emilie smile 17

Emilie green smile, in good condition but a small bug does not infinity, only glider to play in dunes or to fly with wind and some dynamic maneuvers, not good condition for infinity
Price: 500 Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: Offers
Category: Glider
Seller: Ppgtom
Posted: 3 weeks ago

Thriller 2k11 2mtr

Thriller 2k11 24mtr Needs a service. Sat here not being used so needs a new home.. offers ££ Banbury UK
Price: Offers Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: 1750 EU
Category: Glider
Seller: Azgoktas
Posted: 3 weeks ago

Emilie Smile 20

Hello. I sell my glider brand new. About 8 flights. Color Orange. Size 20.
Price: 1750 EU Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: 1900
Category: Glider
Seller: perial
Posted: 3 weeks ago

Ozone Octane 2 20m (Custom Colors)

Approx. 15 hours Please send me an email for more questions.
Price: 1900 Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: 400€ + shipping
Category: Glider
Seller: Luisma
Posted: 3 weeks ago

RR Matrix 20

Only Sat and Helico. No tumbling. No sand, no water, ... Some small patches but good conditions. The glider is in Algodonales, Spain.
Price: 400€ + shipping Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: 500€
Category: Glider
Seller: PGBea
Posted: 3 weeks ago

Emilie Wild 19

Emilie Wild 19 sm used but still flying. No infinities. A couple of times on sweet water. No damages.
Price: 500€ Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: 1300euro
Category: Complete equipment
Seller: alexxsnow
Posted: 3 weeks ago

glider + harness + rescue

1) avasport acro t ... harness... MEDIUM 10/2008 . good condition colors: black / red 2) quick out karabiner 3) steer rescue type: keeper st medium 777 ... old: ca 5-6years
Price: 1300euro Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: make an offer
Category: Emergency parachute
Seller: parapente-ibk
Posted: 3 weeks ago

Base canopy Mojo

Selling a used Base Canopy, type Mojo in really good shape. Write me if your interested in it!
Price: make an offer Posted: 3 weeks ago
Price: 1250 EUR
Category: Glider
Seller: loki.biohazard
Posted: 1 month ago

Skywalk Mescal 4 Medium 85-110kg Green

I am selling my Skywalk Mescal 4 Medium (85-110kg) green color with 50 flying hrs plus about 10hrs ground handling. The wing is in very good condition. Porosity check minimum reading was 328sec . The...
Price: 1250 EUR Posted: 1 month ago
Price: 200
Category: Harness
Seller: CroaCroa
Posted: 1 month ago

Sellette Sol Wasabi

Hello, I'm selling my harness Sol Wasabi, good conditions. Salut, je vends ma sellette, Sol Wasabi, j'ai fait des vols cools et un peu de freestyle. J'ai une acro 3 depuis un an, je ne m'en sers...
Price: 200 Posted: 1 month ago