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Backside Infinit

The newest make of our French friend Alongi, pulling the first Backside Infinit above Verel today.

Pal Takats performs first ever multiple Esfera on a 12.5 m2 Thriller

3x continuous Esfera without exiting, burning down almost 1000 meters with this routine!

Glider: 12.5 m2 Thriller from U-Turn
Locaction: Malcesine, Italy. April 2011

ESFERA - new acro trick by Pal Takats

Just about 6 years have passed since Raul Rodriguez's greatest discovery the Infinity Tumbling. An unbelievable maneuver that nobody expected to be possible.
At the same time together with this invention a new dream was also born: if it is possible to build up a horizontally rotating SAT into a straight-up vertical movement (Rythmic-SAT to Infinity) it could also be possible to come back down into a SAT again to the other side! But how!? How to do this "Anti-Rythmic" and work down the angle from Infinity without loosing massive amount of energy in an already extremely sensible movement, just working tight on its limits?! In the past 5-6 years these thoughts and theory probably ran through the minds of most top acro pilots but still, nobody really heard of any serious attempts trying this connection - probably because of the scary, instable moments during the transition.

On the 22nd of October 2010 in Ölüdeniz, Pal Takats managed the first ever successful execution of the "Anti-Rythmic" coming down to a SAT from Infinity and soon after the dream of "Esfera" came true - the maneuver from SAT to SAT that is turning to the other direction, linked with Infinity in the middle. The name "Esfera" is a Spanish word that means: "sphere", "globe", "ball".
Pal is using the new U-Turn Thriller '11, that finally made this possible! The '11 is the very latest version of the glider that was slightly adjusted and reinforced as a result of one year's new experiences gained during the test-flights and the Tandem Infinity project.

+ info:

New transition maneuver performed by justACRO Team pilot Pal Takats


In summer of 2007, Pal Takats developed the connection how to enter a Helicopter directly from a Misty Flip. It means taking some energy with Wing-Overs or just from the exit of another maneuver, swing down straight under the glider, and spin it while the pilot is still climbing upwards. Instead of letting the wing shoot out from the Misty Flip, the energy will be braked down and the pendulum transforms directly and smoothly into a Helicopter. He presented it for the public and the judges at Paranoia Acrobatixxx as the first step to add this connection to the official competition's maneuver list. Till today it didn't happened, because the judges did not saw it as an independent, new maneuver combination (however the pilots themself did and started to perform it as a choreography element in their runs).
Back then, Pal already knew that this maneuver has a lot of potential and more undiscovered possibilities. In the last 2 years he was working to improove his technique, pushing the limits step by step further out. The ultimate goal was: performing the most radical Helicopter entry ever, straight from a close-to-vertical spinny swing, a so-called Asschopper. It is basically the most extreme version of the Misty Flip, entered from a Spiral or Asymmetric Spiral to the opposite side. Due to the amount of energy and the different style that's used to enter an Asschopper, in the beginning the whole movement really looks like the entry of a high Tumbling or Infinity, but then the glider will be spinned out (while the pilot is right above it!) and forced into the Helicopter rotation.
Thanks to U-Turn's new masterpiece the Thriller and last week's training in the Swiss-Alps finally brought the break-through for Pal and he managed to perform numerous successful transitions!

As he reported: "I can't tell how happy I am to finally realize this figure! The unique feeling of learning something totally new gave me a huge kick and it is great to feel so motivated for acro again just like 3-4 years ago! I had this idea in my head for more then 1.5 years. I had the feeling that it should be somehow doable, but it seemed to be such a big challenge that sometimes I wasn't really sure anymore if it can work out. Now, after a long winter sleep I had the chance to train a bit again and try out something which finally brought success and opened new dimensions! Right now I am only able to perform it nicely more or less one time out of three executions. It definitely needs more training to reach a better ratio but if it will take a couple of weeks or months or even a year, I really don't know...Anyway, I must say that for me this is the greatest connection ever: it has everything in it, all the tricks, all the techniques I've ever mastered, squeezed together into one beautiful move, all running down in just a second! In one moment you are like entering an Infinity and in the next one you are already turning in a Heli, practically pulling a coconut spin when the glider is right below'is truly an art! The leading and the energy control just needs to be perfect, otherwise really nothing will work and there is simply no possibility, neither time to make any corrections...but this is exactly the beauty of it!"

Soon a complete video will follow to present the transition from different angles!
Till then enjoy this short intro:

Acrolac 2008 is CANCELLED!

Just a few days before the competition would start the organization cancelled the first APWC event, due to the bad weather forecast for the weekend. This would be the 7th Acrolac and during it's history the event always suffered by relatively bad weather conditions (the best was in 2007 so far with 2 valid solo and 3 synchro runs). After the 2nd Acro World Championsip in Voss, this is now the second competition of the season which won't be held, but as I know the first ever which was cancelled because of the weather forecast...

Read the official release:

"Because of the very unfavourable weather conditions, we inform you the cancellation of Acrolac 2008

We thank the volunteers, the pilots, the institutionals, the advertisers and the sponsors for their invaluable support

For logistic reasons it is impossible for us to defer Acrolac this year we give you appointment for the year 2009.

The Steering Committee"

Visit Acrolac's official website

How to pack a D-Bag?

Austrian friends Skoki and Charly created a detailed, written description, how they pack a D-Bag.

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