Icaro Xenus 22,5 EN-B Freestyler

1800 €

The Icaro Xenus is an incredibly solid wing with a real B rating. It's a fun-machine and reacts very directly to weight shift. Because it's a three-liner, the performance is better and starting is simpler than other freestyle or acro gliders. It can be packed small and isn't too heavy: a real all-rounder.

The glider has been checked by the manufacturer in december 2020 and has under 45h in total! I've flown it with free brakes but will put the standard ones back on, and also do another line measurement before selling. Theres a small hole that was repaired in one stabilo.

It's my third glider and since moving recently I don't use it much. I've practically only done full-stalls and wing-overs on it. Most of my flights are scratching to stay up: my local sites now unfortunately have weak conditions and less than 150m of height difference so I end up flying my larger wings (my "normal" wing size is 26m²).
EU wide shipping included.

If it was available at 24m² I'd definately continue on the Xenus, and if I had better sites available nearby I'd even keep this size. Unfortunately I have to admit that for my current flying sites and level it's a bit too small (I fly at or above 110kg).

No ocean, no lake, no dunes and no trees :)