AcroMax | France ruled once again the top spots

AcroMax the last event of this year Aerobatic World Tour has ended this sunday in Trasaguis, Italy. This event has been really challenging about the weather as we had 3 consecutives days without flying due to strong wind and heavy rain. Fortunately the weather cleared on saturday afternoon and we managed to complet 2 solo tasks and 2 synchro tasks.

Swedish Championships - Finished

Last weekend, the Swedish championships 2014 was held in Åre.
A flying place only allowing pilots with an acro glider doing three maneuvers program.

Making it better for beginners, but also more difficult as each pilot had to compose their program not only based on technical coefficients, but also altitude loss on each maneuver.
The Swedish Championships is an Open competition FAI cat2. Which allow pilots from any nation to participate. But only a Swedish pilot can become a Swedish champion.

It was a 3 days competition.

Nordic Championships 2014 - Bygland, Norway

Just a few weeks before the competition in Bygland I got the disturbing feeling that something was wrong.
And it was. The organizers failed to pay and send the cat2 application to the FAI in time. End even if all normal channels (, Facebook and so on) had announced this as an cat2 event, FAI could not approve the delayed payment and applicationform.

The competition in Bygland, was the only competition in Norway this season, and the only easy way for norwegian pilots to get FAI ranking points, so this was a very bad situation.

AcroAria is back!

AcroAria, the legendary acro world cup hosted by the scenic Italian town Omegna is back after several years break! Among many shooting stars this also inspired Raúl Rodriguez to return for a spin over Lago di Orta! 1-1 run is fully completed so far and only a few pilots pilots are missing for a completed second solo run as the weather wasn't favorable. The remaining pilots are going to fly tomorrow early and the second synchro run is expected to launch around midday.
Check out the current results here.