Dubai World Air Games 2015 HapiAcro

Dubai World Air Games 2015 HapiAcro

Max and Adam have a pretty good time at the Dubai World Air Games 2015. Special thanks to the FAI Media team, the Acro Pilots, and the organizers for putting on one awesome event.

Master Acro: FAIL videos wanted! Share yours!

What if your video of a mistake in acro flying could help others to learn maneuvers safer and maybe even save a life in the future!? Share your emergency situations caught on tape and help other people not to make the same failure! From collapses through twists, cravats, reserve deployments, touching your canopy, etc. - everything is welcome! The most useful shots will be selected into the Master Acro tutorial videos to demonstrate some typical mistakes and emergency situations. The owners of the videos selected into the tutorials will gain free access to the instructional videos! :)
Click here to send a video!

Day 5 - World Air Games LIVE coverage

World Air Games DEC 05, 2015

Replay today's live coverage from the World Air Games.
Click somewhere in the middle of the video to see the happenings of the day.
Day 5, 05.12.2015

Site development: pictures and files in the forum

We started to apply some developments to the site of what we believe will improve your user experience here on Now as the first step it is already possible to add pictures and file attachments to comments in the Forum (see example) and we might extend this to other content types in the future. We will keep you up to date about the new features! Have fun browsing!