Racing in the south...

As the sun, the competition scene is also moving to the south hemisphere following the summer. The 3rd edition of the Acroandes contest was held in Salta, Argentina and has finished a few days ago.

The results:

1st - Félix Rodriguez (Spain)
2nd - Bernd Hornböck (Austria)
3rd - Marcell Schrittwieser (Austria)

5th - Federico rodriguez
6th - Xandi Mechu
7th - Martin Gruber
8th - Nahuel Arcuri
9th - Todd Weigand
10th - Sergio Casasa
11th - Celine Barman

Pál Takáts and Gábor Kézi joined U-Turn


Pál Takáts (picture right side), the most successful acro pilot this season ( Acro World Cup 2007 - solo) and at present placed second in the FAI-Acro worldranking, and Gábor Kézi, ranked 18th in the FAI list, joined the U-Turn acro team. Both pilots employed up to now a glider that was developed by U-Turn Designer Ernst Strobl, but built by another manufacturer. Now the Hungarian pilots want to get the best of the continuosly enhanced original G-FORCE 360.