Chrigel Maurer - the record smasher daddy!


Chrigel Maurer - despite his young age - is without doubt one of the best XC pilots since many years, winning the world cup series one after the other...But not everybody knows that behind the scenes he is also a rising acro star! Flying acro in his free time, just for his own entertaining step by step he learned all the figures and arrived to a world class level. On 19th of March he took-off at Jungfraujoch in Switzerland, soar up the three famous mountains of the Alps - Jungfrau, Mönch, Eiger - then flew over the valley of Grindenwald and made 158 Infinity turns with his Advance prototype (current official record 120 turns by Antoine Montant by jumping from helicopter).
We catched him for a short interview just after he became father, his son was born this Monday!

Name: Chrigel Maurer

Age: 25 years old

Place of home: Wilderswil, Interlaken

Started to fly paraglider in 1998

Started to fly XC competitions in 1999

Overall PWC winner in 2005, 2006 and 2007

European XC record holder, 323 km (in 2004)


justACRO: You are a real competitor character and for several years you were participating in all the cross county World Cups, this is actually your main profession?

Chrigel Maurer: Yes, my first PWC was in 2001 - when I was 19- and I won the series overall in the last 3 years.

jA: Beside focusing so much on XC how is your relation with acro flying?

Chrigel: I love the fascination of the maneuvers...

Mathias Roten left us...

I can't find the words...such a great loss...The always-smiling Mathias Roten, world class paraglider pilot left this world on Friday by a speedflying accident. He went out riding alone to Lötschental, not so far from his hometown (Thun) in Switzerland. He flew a small sky-diving parachute with not so good take-off ability - as he said earlier. Nobody knows exactly what happened, because as far as we know there are no witnesses of the accident. He attempted to take-off close to the peak of Hockenhorn at 3000 meter from the top of a cliff, but probably his glider did not inflate properly and he fell down 100 meter from the rock and died immediately...Soon after a rescue helicopter came for him, but they couldn't help anymore.

He was not only one of the best paragliding acro pilots with his unique, agressive style (1st in synchro overall world cup in 2005 with Dominique Steffen), but a very expert cross country pilot as well (1st team in overall world cup in 2004 and 2005 ). Despite these great successes he never took the stress of the competitions, only flew for fun and the results were not really important for him. In 2007 he also mastered Infinity Tumbling and expressed himself in speedflying (he also run the biggest speed-flying site on the web)
He had incredible talent and enthusiastic passion to everything he touched: he was kitesurf and ski instructor, test-pilot, sky-diver, speedrider and probably the best drum player I've ever heared. He stopped paragliding competitions 2 years ago and his attention turned to film-making. At the end of 2007 with some of his friends they released the Play Gravity movie, a masterpiece of extreme sport cinematography created by the ideas of Mathias.

He was truly the artist of life...a great person and friend...

We will miss you so much!!! :-(

Probably some of the last pictures of Mathias, from Chamonix, Outdoor Games.
Watch him in the winner movie of Ride the Planets

Feelosofly Video Contest

The talented french acro pilot and movie maker Alexandre Aimard is now organizing an amateur online video contest for free flyers. Any airsport related videos are welcome such as paragliding, speed-riding, base jumping etc. The only criteria that it has to be amateur.
At the end of 2008 a jury will select the best videos and the winners can win some prices offered by the sponsors. Visit his website, for further information and rules.

Click here to see the uploaded movies on Youtube.

2nd FAI World Championship Voss - CANCELLED!

Sad, but true: a few days ago an official statement was released by the organization of the World Championship in Voss:

"The 2nd FAI World Championship for Aerobatic Hang gliding and Paragliding,
Voss, August 2008

Oslo, February 26, 2008.

The working committee for the 2nd World Aerobatic Hang gliding and Paragliding Championship had a meeting yesterday on February the 25th.

After rearranging the committee in December and working very hard to try to get everything ready for the event, we had to face the facts yesterday and make a decision.

1st Winter Outdoor Games - Chamonix


7 teams, 5 sports and 5 days to make a movie! That's the challenge of the Nissan Outdoor Games by Columbia which's first winter edition was held from 10th to 17th of January in Chamonix, France (there were already 3 succesful summer editions in Interlaken, CH). Skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, base jumping, paragliding, and speedriding – these were the sports that had to be included in a 5 minutes long movie and a slideshow with the best 20 pictures by the photographers of each team.