World Air Games in Turin - 6th to 14th of Jun!

The most important Sport Aviation event in the world starts on Saturday (6th of Jun), representing all airsport disciplines from balloning through aeromodelling, gliding, till parachuting and last but not least, for the first time: acrobatics paragliding, both in solo and synchro categories!

Every day, the public will enjoy competitions, demonstrations, air shows, simulations. For one week, the best athletes in the world will confront each other, with fairness - in the third dimension.

Over 500 athletes representing the hundred federations member of FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale), 1.500 including officials, technicians and competition judges, 300.000 spectators forecasted over the three competition sites and more than 200 millions worldwide television contacts. Here they are the numbers of the Torino 2009 World Air Games. (The main event venues will be Torino-Aeritalia airport of Collegno, Avigliana and Mondovì).

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The invited paragliding acro pilots are:

Argentina - PITOCCO Hernan
Austria - HORNBOECK Bernd
Austria - MESCHUH Alexander
Brazil - BRAGA Mauricio Galvão Junior
Bulgaria - METODIEV Metodi A.
Denmark - SOERENSEN Dennis Wolthers
Macedonia - VELJANOVSKI Mendo
France - MONTANT Antoine
France - PLANTON Cyril
Hungary - KÉZI Gábor
Hungary - TAKÁTS Pál
Italy - DALL'OGLIO Massimo
Italy - PATUZZI Enrico
Spain - RODRIGUEZ Felix
Switzerland - BARMAN Céline
Switzerland - CERUTTI Hervé

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Nissan Outdoor Games in Interlaken - great success and amazing artworks!


Nissan Outdoor Games – the 5th edition of the premiere European outdoor sports event

Interlaken, May 30, 2009 – The projection of the Nissan Outdoor Games official film selection took place Saturday evening in front of six thousand spectators in awe, for a breathtaking show in the center of Interlaken. The Finnish team, GOLGOHT, won the GoldenPeak, the award that given to the best film of this 2009 edition. For their first time participating, the Swiss team, Natural Born Flyers, was given the Jury’s Special Award as well as the Best Sports Sequence for climbing scene with Cyril Albasini. The Finn, Petri Kovalainen from the Golgoht team, won the Best Photographer award as well as the Game of Light Award by Julbo.

The task for the five teams from all over Europe was challenging: to produce a 5-minute short film in 7 days including 5 outdoor sports in the Interlaken region. The best athletes of each discipline as well as the impressive film production crews went all out at the Nissan Outdoor Games...

AcroTour 2009

The final schedule of the 2009 season with the most important competitions:

3rd World Air Games - 6-13th Jun, Torino
For the first time of the WAG history, paragliding acrobatics is there next to all kind of air-sport disciplines you can imagine...For invited pilots only.

Aerobatics Paragliding World Cup Tour 2009:

Acroaria - 6-9th August - Omegna, Italy
Pre-World Championships

Paranoia Acrobatixx - 17-19th July - Zell am See, Austria

(Cancelled APWC events: Acroattack, Vertigo, Acrolac)

Other competitions:

Wagas Festival - 27-30th May
The well known freestyle competition at the Dune du Pyla, France

DOWNTEAM challenge 2009 - 6-9th August - Åre, Sweden
Open Nordic Championships

The Norwegian Open FAI cat2 competitions - diverse locations
A great opportunity pilots who want to get started with competitions to gain world ranking points!

Vertigo Swiss Riviera cancelled

Today the organizing comittee officially announced - without notifying a certain reason - that Vertigo, the biggest acro compettion of all times is not going to be held this year.
The acro scene is pretty much surprised of these news, especially after 11 successful editions of the competition...

However, they promised that the event will definitely return in the 2010 season.

Rumours also say that this year the Acroattack contest in Türkey will not be held as well...

Problems fixed!

ja logo_kicsi.jpg

As you might noticed the website was "suspended" and shut down again by our webhosting provider, due to the reason the we used too much of their resources, they said...

But now, thanks to our rescue angel, Panzar who offered his private server in Germany to be the new home of justACRO, the site is back up again and will be never restricted again in the future!

A big-big thanks to him once more in the name of the crew and the community!

Antoine Montant is the Best Speedflyer of The Year 2009!


"For the second year in a row, Antoine Montant (France) pockets the highest distinction for a speed flyer. He won it wednesday after the Big Mountain contest of the Speed Flying Pro, the most important speed flying competition which took place in les Arcs. Mickaël Régnier is second and Yoan Castagnoli third.
On the Aiguille Rouge, Antoine Montant displayed his famous combination of daring piloting, strong skiing, surprising choice of line and uncompromising risk taking.
Today in the Big Mountain contest, the speed flyers had to find their way on the mountain being noted by a jury. Antoine Montant's first place today, combined with his third yesterday in the speed cross, paved the way for a victory... only, and only if his rival Yoan Castagnioli finished third or below. This is exactly what happened.
The young speed flyer threw in a conservative line. Castagnoli wanted, above all, to cross the finish line, and avoid repeating last year scenario where he fell in the first part of the same run. He finished 11th of the Big Mountain and 3rd overall.
The outsider Mickaël Regnier, competing for the first time in the Speed Flying Pro, was the most consistent : 2nd in the speed cross and 5th in the big mountain which landed him 2nd on the overall ranking."

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