Wagas Festival 2008

After a one year break the organizers of the Wagas Festival decided to make this great event again, for the 5th time at the Dune du Pyla, France, the highest dune in Europe.

Once again, the Sup'air team pilot Charlie Piccolo, the king of the Dune was unbeatable!

1. Piccolo Charlie
2. Boisselier Antoine
3. Assael Niko
4. Chatain Bertrand
5. Pluvieux Harold
6. Cau Vincent
7. Ostermann Pierre
8. Gallon Richard
9. Fourcroy Frédéric
10. Fritz Olivier


Check out the first video clip released of the Wagas-Festival 2008
You can also find movies from the last editions in the "Wagga" category of the Video gallery!

Acrolac 2008 is CANCELLED!

Just a few days before the competition would start the organization cancelled the first APWC event, due to the bad weather forecast for the weekend. This would be the 7th Acrolac and during it's history the event always suffered by relatively bad weather conditions (the best was in 2007 so far with 2 valid solo and 3 synchro runs). After the 2nd Acro World Championsip in Voss, this is now the second competition of the season which won't be held, but as I know the first ever which was cancelled because of the weather forecast...

Read the official release:

"Because of the very unfavourable weather conditions, we inform you the cancellation of Acrolac 2008

We thank the volunteers, the pilots, the institutionals, the advertisers and the sponsors for their invaluable support

For logistic reasons it is impossible for us to defer Acrolac this year we give you appointment for the year 2009.

The Steering Committee"

Visit Acrolac's official website

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After starting the new justACRO site it took a while for us to find the best solution for the Videos page. In the last months behind the scenes we tested some different solutions till we found the best one that really fits our needs. The goal was to make this - important - section of the website attractive, easy-to-use and keep it always refreshing that our visitors feel it is worthy to check back time to time for new, interesting clips, movies.

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Let the fun begin!

3 months off...

Last sunday while training I suffered an accident in Stechlberg, Switzerland by ground-spiralling over high-grass. I went too low, my wingtip caught the flowers and pulled me down...I hit the ground first with my left foot which broke in the impact. A few hours later I passed through an operation to fix the bones in my ankle (with 3 screws) and the blood circulation in my feet, then I spent 4 more days in the hospital.
Fortunately up to now I almost didn't have any pain, however it is much harder to deal with the exasperation and disappointment I feel now, but I try to get read of it quickly and focus only on a fast recovery and return to the sport as soon as possible.

Thanks for the selfness support of my girlfriend, family, friends and last but not least our sponsors, to help my way back.


He promised and he did it! On Sunday Chrigel Maurer world class XC and acro pilot broke his own unofficial Infinity record, as he announced it a few days earlier in the local newspapers. Before the start of the first task of the Paragliding World Cup in Grindenwald, Switzerland, he jumped out of a helicopter at 2400m over the ground and performed 198 revolutions in front of the Eiger's North Face and the eyes of the world's best cross county pilots. He spent 5 minutes and 50 seconds in the neverending trip.
Despite the tricky weather conditions a short but nice task was set where he arrived 4th in the goal, which was in center of Interlaken. As he said in his interview earlier, this is the only World Cup that he takes part this year, since it is his real home playground.


Paranoia ACRObatixx

This year PARAnoia ACRObatixx will be an APWC Competition. The event will be held 16th till 19th July 2008 above the city of Zell am See in Austria.

It will be a competition in one category only - SOLO. The registration limit for solo pilots is 40. At the first day there will be the qualification run in the morning for all pilots who never flew before an APWC. The FAI runs are planned for Wednesday till Saturday. The Expression Session out of the Helicopter (limited Pilots) will be on Saturday in the late afternoon. After the heli drops ther will be the very well known "Zeller Seefest" with fireworks and good music.

The registration will be open from 1st May till 15th June 2008.

For further information and registration please visit www.acro.cc