Gábor Kézi - I needed it...

Yesterday was a nice day for me. I was practicing helicos, and it went very well in the begining. I was also able to do a dynimac fullstall to helico :) Then I climbed up again, and went for an other helico which didn't work well, so I lead out... but it was too fast, and shoot in front of me, and below. In the next moment I was in the lines, so I throw to rescue immediatly.

Adrenaline overdose...

A few days ago Gábor had a crash after he broke an A line in an Asymmetric SAT. The glider was flying and he decided to land without rescue but when he was already very low the wing entered a deep stall what he couldn't recover and he hit the ground. His back hurt so the ambulance bring him to the closest big hospital in Lleida by helicopter. They did some X-Rays, but it didn't show too much. Since then he is waiting for a CT scan to make sure if there is a problem or not. In the meantime he starts to feel better and got totally bored in the hospital's bed.


Yesterday we had perfect weather so we decided to work a little bit to make some nice photo and video images. I have to say it was a really successful afternoon, we managed to make some amazing air-to-air video and photo images from tandem. András was piloting and Pícsör was shooting the footage, both of them are very experienced cameramans and pilots of course.

I'm going to upload some more pictures and hopefully some video clips later on.


NEW: justACRO Blog!

Dear Pilots!

As you might noticed, in the upper menu line you can find a new title, the BLOG. Here we will share what is happening with us and our friends day by day. We created this to have a place where we can share our more personal thoughts and memories, separated to the news of the acro world.

Looking forward to read your comments under these articles, hope you will enjoy it!


Busy campsite

Hi 4 all,

I'm pretty happy to write the first comment at justACRO blog. Gotta be short, since we have to go to the take off soon. Where? Of course we are in Organyá. Actually this we constituted by many people. The oldest residents are Pál, Gábor, Szasza and the filming crew: Saci and me.

The campsite was empty at the beginning, but nowdays it's hard to find a place to pitch a tent. Two days ago other Hungarian pilots arrived: Lupus, Pícsör and Adri. Evenings are loud by German words too, members of Against the Grain Acro Team cooking their pasta in their big tent.