Acro World Cup 2007 - FINAL RESULTS

The Aerobatics Paragliding World Cup represents the highest competition level in paragliding aerobatics and consists of 5-6 major events every year. The solo and the synchro category has two different rankings. In every run of a competition the pilots get points by their ranking position in the certain run (for example the winner of the run always gets 100 points, the 2nd a bit less, etc. The exact calculating formula can be found in the annexes of the FAI Sporting Code).

Alexandre Aimard: Infinity Dream

The talented french acro pilot and movie maker Alexander Aimard won the Coupe Icare Free Flight Festival in the Best sporting film category with his new creation, the INFINITY DREAM! Excellent idea, funny story and incredible shots! Alex also completed a very nice competition season and he finished 5th in the Acro World Cup 2007 (as first french pilot)!
Enjoy it!

Infinity Dream

34th Coupe Icare - NEW INFINITY RECORD!


Like every year since 1973, at the end of the season the small mountain village of St. Hilaire du Touvet hosts the biggest freeflying event, the Coupe Icare festival! During 4 days the great audience could see everything that files...the well known masquerade competition, paragliding and hanggliding acro, D-Bag jumps from helicopter, paramotor show, sky diving and wingsuit demos, hot air balloons, speedflying, autogyro, and all the rest you can (or can't) imagine!

justACRO photo contest

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What you need to do?
Just register yourself and share your best picture(s) from this season in justACRO’s galleries, till 30th of October!

15 photos will be selected by a jury for the FINAL VOTE in november, when all the registered justACRO users decide, which are the best!

UPLOAD your best acro photo of 2007 and WIN!
1st price:
Custom sized justACRO flying suit, Flying the Holy Land DVD, justACRO T-Shirt, line cutter knife.