Fly Madeira!

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Load yourself up with sunshine in wintertime, come to fly in Madeira!

A flying trip organized by justACRO in association with Robair paragliding school.

From 5th to 12th March

340 flyable days per year guaranteed!

This beautiful portugese vulcanic island on the Atlantic-ocean (700 km west from the coasts of Marocco) is a perfect paragliding destination. Thanks to its mild and stable climate the temperature is warm all year round (between 19-25C). Due to the passat winds the north side is often cloudy and rainy whilst the south of the island is well protected, dry and sunny with great soaring and thermalling conditions up to 900-1200 meters. Beside more than 70 take-off places, Madeira offers friendly hospitality, a 500 years old history, unforgetable gastronomy and unnumerous outdoor activities...

justACROteam presents...


During their training session between the acro competitions Gábor and Pícsör worked hard to film nice acro moves and to develop and test new, spectacular camera angles. They took it seriously and after the season they returned home with 20 casettes and worked through many long nights just to sort out all the shots. They already edited two clips to share some of the best shots and some secrets, with You!

Edited by: Péter Szabó
Pilot: Gábor Kézi

Enjoy it!

35th Coupe Icare festival - everything that flies!

The Coupe Icare Festival, the biggest freeflying meeting and expo in the world was even bigger and better organized for its 35th edition!
Despite the strong north winds on friday and saturday the weather was mostly sunny and the cliff of St. Hilaire du Touvet released strong lee thermals till mid afternoon. More than 60 acro pilots showed up from all around Europe to participate in the acro demonstrations and unlike in the last years, this time it was possible to climb over the take-off and impress the spectators with acro figures up on the plateu, as well as in the landing place down in the valley.

Find out more on the Coupe Icare site

More photos and blogs:

Cooperation of Raul Rodriguez and NOVA


A new Paragliding Brand is born: Raul Rodriguez Acro Wings

"The austrian paraglider company NOVA is proud to announce a cooperation deal with Raul Rodriguez, multiple world champion and one of the world’s most famous acro pilots. The agreement will be signed on Friday, the 19h of September, at the “Coupe Icare” flying festival. The collaboration includes the introduction of special acro paragliders under the new brand "Raul Rodriguez Acro Wings". They will be developed, produced and distributed by NOVA. Raul Rodriguez holds the trademark and is in charge of all flying tests and the image of the new brand.

Acroaria and APWC 2008 final results!

With Acroaria in the lovely town of Omegna (Italy) the World Cup Series were over for this season.
All the pilots were training hard for this last competition, and most of the top ranked were there so we can say it was the strongest event of the summer. The weather was not ideal, so it was only possible to finish 2-2 runs in each category. Félix Rodriguez (SP) just a few weeks earlier became a father (congratulations!) so he did not go Paranoia, but returned here with and won in solo with great confidence! However, after the first run, Cyrille Planton (FRA) took the lead 3 points ahead (!), but in the second run several diagonals exploded in his wing during a Tumbling figure, and he could not finish the rest of the maneuvers so he fell back to the 17th place...Not a surprise, that Horacio Llorens (SP) finished second maintaining his great form! Till now Antoine Montant (FRA) was pretty busy working on his french ski instructor licence and then with some tandem flights, but finally he also arrived to Omegna just to make one competition for fun. He is a guy who doesn't need to train to perform at top level at any time. Now he prooved this again and came on the 3rd place. Wouldn't forget to say a word about the performance of the austrian Alexander Meschuh who made his careeer's best ever solo results during this season (here 4th) and Yoan Castegnoli who - I guess - pissed off all the other french guys with his 5th place!
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No big surprises in the synchro category, the results:
1. SATisfaction (Horacio Llorens, Hernan Pittoco) 159,14 pts
2. Joker (Gábor Kézi, Cyrille Planton) 154,97 pts
3. Against the Grain (Alexander Meschuh, Bernd Hornböck) 152, 10 pts
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FINAL Aerobatics Paragliding World Cup results 2008

2 ladies in the TOP 10! However Céline was one of the big surprises of the season, the japanese girl Seiko showed that with elegant style and many years of routine and experience it is hard to catch up, even for most of the mans!!!
Horacio Llorens won the most runs in the year (what means maximum score, 100 points for each run), all together 5 which obviously gave him the crown! His team partner Hernan Pittoco finished 2nd and Alexander Meschuh 3rd with no run victories, but a very stable performance during the whole season.

During 4 events 13 successful runs were held which means the points of the worst 4 run from each pilot are removed to calculate the final results (see the uncut points between the brakets). Of course no points are cutted from those pilots, who completed 9 or only less runs.

1. Horacio Llorens - Spain (1279,9) 894,6 pts
2. Hernan Pitocco - Argentina (1241,3) 875,9 pts
3. Alexander Meschuh - Austria (1201,9) 853,1 pts
4. Cyrill Planton - France (906,0) 850,1 pts
5. Cyrille Marck - France (861,9) 797,6 pts
6. Bernd Hornboeck - Austria (1026,9) 793,9 pts
7. Gabor Kezi - Hungary (870,6) 791,4 pts
8. Seiko Fukuoka - Japan (780,0) 722,3 pts
9. Celine Barmann - Switzerland (783,5) 710,6 pts
10. Renato Lopez - Brazil (708,4) 708,4 pts
63 pilots from 20 nations on the list.
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On only 2 events 6 valid runs were held. Points of the 2 worst runs are removed from each team.

1. Satisfaction - Horacio Llorens, Hernan Pitocco (599,7) 400,0 pts
2. Joker - Cyril Planton, Gabor Kezi (577,8) 393,8 pts
3. Funky Spin - Baptiste Rousset, Alexandre Aimard (551,4) 377,8 pts
4. Against the Grain - Bernd Hornboeck, Alexander Meschuh (537,4) 372,2 pts
5. Les Blues de l'acopalypse - Guillaume Chatain, Emanuel Chanceaux (369,9) 369,9 pts
6. Picon Brothers - Cyrille Marck, Pascal Marck (531,5) 361,8 pts
7. Spalti Acro Team - Christian Maurer, Peter Neuenschwander (350,3) 350,3 pts
8. Against the Grain Jr - Sebastian Kahn, Ricky Kahn (514,0) 349,3 pts
9. Nendacroteam - Celine Barmann, Herve Cerutti (334,2) 334,2 pts
10. Titty Twisters - Andre Bernhard, Gregory Rondel (431,1) 324,2 pts
17 teams in the ranking
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Congratulations to all the pilots and teams!

Actual FAI World Ranking


The World Ranking is now updated with the result of the season's World Cup events (Vertigo Swiss Riviera, Paranoia). There is only one more APWC competition left this year, Acroaria in Italy, Omegna (14-17th August).

Top10 Pilots:

1. Hernán Pitocco (Argentina, 372,5 points)
2. Horacio Llorens (Spain, 366,4 points)
3. Félix Rodriguez (Spain, 364,6 points)
4. Cyril Planton (France, 359,6 points)
5. Pal Takats (Hungary, 355,5 points)
6. Antoine Montant M (France, 343,3 points)
7. Alexandre Aimard (France, 333,4 points)
8. Guillaume Chatain (France, 330,3 points)
9. Gábor Kézi (Hungary, 324,5 points)
10. Alexander Meschuh (Austria, 324,2 points)
See the complete Ranking

Top 5 Woman:

1. (18.) Seiko Fukuoka (Japan, 246,2 point)
2. (22.) Judith Zweifel (Switzerland, 237,1)
3. (30.) Céline Barman (Switzerland, 189,2)
4. (35.) Maeva Giacometti (France, 167,7)
5. (44.) Alexandra Grillmayer (Hungary, 128,6)

Top 5 Nations (best 4 pilots count)

1. France (31 pilots) 1366,6 points
359,6 - Cyril Planton
343,3 - Antoine Montant