Videos: Acro Tricks

Selection of the best acro paragliding releated videos uploaded by our users.

First SAT

First time nailing a SAT, during the exit, decided to carry on into a Deep Spiral, because, well, they're fun!

Nova Dasalla - acro paragliding - Esfera

Finally was able to do the Rhythmic SAT-to-Infinite on the left side (been trying since 2010 after my accident), an almost-clean Anti-Rhythmic down the right side, completing the Esfera.

The Thriller 2K11 still works great after a line set change a few months ago. I'll most likely use it for the 2012 acro comp season.

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'Petite Coquine' (Helico Sat inverted)

Helico Sat inverted, a cool new move I have seen last summer for the first time, Tim Alongi did it many times while he was flying his amazing style in Organya..

XC flight and SAT Babadag region

Paragliding in the Turkiye Babadag region with familie and friends.
Glider Skywalk Cayenne 3 and Chili 2.