Videos: Acro Tricks

Selection of the best acro paragliding releated videos uploaded by our users.

First SAT

First time nailing a SAT, during the exit, decided to carry on into a Deep Spiral, because, well, they're fun!

Nova Dasalla - acro paragliding - Esfera

Finally was able to do the Rhythmic SAT-to-Infinite on the left side (been trying since 2010 after my accident), an almost-clean Anti-Rhythmic down the right side, completing the Esfera.

The Thriller 2K11 still works great after a line set change a few months ago. I'll most likely use it for the 2012 acro comp season.

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'Petite Coquine' (Helico Sat inverted)

Helico Sat inverted, a cool new move I have seen last summer for the first time, Tim Alongi did it many times while he was flying his amazing style in Organya..