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Selection of the best acro paragliding releated videos uploaded by our users.

fullstall 1st "piletazo"

perdida en parapente,1º piletazo

perdida que termina con un mando enganchado, imposible de arreglar

Bruce SIV Training - May 2014

Bruce SIV Training - May 2014

Here is clip of my first SIV course doing full-stalls, spins and a planned reserve deployment. I duck-taped my GoPro to my foot for an awesome angle! :)

Brake handle comes off

Brake handle comes off

lost the right hand brake while flying a Ozone trickster.
Had a temporary knot holding it one while we were adjusting.... turns out it was truly temporary.
Quick pilot reflexes!

Spiruline GT 2.0 & 2.2

Video informative sur le comportement en dehors du domaine de vol / Informative flying incidents test video of the Spiruline GT

Santa Barbara S.I.V. on an Advance Omega 8, EJ Bowl to Parma 3/15/14

Here is a short clip of some SIV maneuvers, taken from my helmet cam. Full stall, spins, collapses, frontals, blah blah. All that good stuff.

The Omega 8 is extremely docile in these maneuvers, great EN D wing with nice passive safety. XC season is almost here, get ready!

Dave Turner