How to pack a D-Bag?

Austrian friends Skoki and Charly created a detailed, written description, how they pack a D-Bag.

Please continue to download the documents...

D-Bagging is an extremely hazardous activity! This description does not replace a course or the instructions of a professional pilot to learn folding D-Bags! Do NOT use this description as a guideline to learn the packing method on your own! Always pack the glider under the supervision of an expert D-Bag jumper or instructor! The authors cannot take any responsability for the content of these documents!

Download english description:
How to pack my D-Bag?*

Dowload german description:
Wie ich mein D-Bag packe?*

* These documents presents a certain packing method that the authors use. There are several different ways to pack a D-Bag, this is only one of them!

Thanks to Benedikt Skok and Dominik Lindebner for creating this material!

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charly's picture

hey dude!

you can obtain the avasport d-bag from skok and me!

but pal and gabor also sell d-bag's! so you should ask them first!

and in principle these d-bag's are consimilar!

cheers, charly
...hang loose...

skogaman's picture

hi all!

@ parazaz
i see what u´r point is, but u have to think especially about the following points:
the paragliders are much more dynamic, especially if we talk about acro wings. this means, it is more than just helpfull to have it stored in the d-bag till the lines are strained. if the glider would be out bevore that, linetwists could ocure, what makes the thing dangerous or eaven uncontrolable. if the glider inflates bevore the lines are straind it could also shoot in any direction and initiate other problems. we do sometimes like it to hold back a little bit so that u´r falling speed is not to high and u can pull lower. fast openings are hard openings and thats something eaven an acro glider is not really made for. manufactors will not care for that so soon, because the tendence goes to light waight gliders. The gliders geometry is very difficult and needs a lot of inside material. so if u try to strengthen this the gliders waight would increase a lot. this is just what i think, maybe the manufactorers think different. I beleave that the more save possibility to open a paraglider in a freefall situation would be a kind of slider.
the methode u described sounds like a breakchute like jetplanes have it. i´d wonder about the storage... is that practicable? where do u store it (position of the storebag)? what about acro then? would this work.....? work on the concept i´m very interested!

don´t worry about the lines stress. the first line loop itself is not the only thing that holds the bag together. the d-bag has an outer cover, and this cover holds the glider aswell. the stress for the lines is minnimal and as u said how it should be, is not hurting or very uncomftable to put a finger threw the first rubberband, but who wants to.... the other lineloops are not responsible for the hold of the glider inside the bag. anyway, this was the weakest point with the old d-bags so the newones have it a bit different. the side were the rubberbands r mounted on is now the upper side. so if!::: if it happens that the first lineloop breakes bevore u want it to, the glider and the lines stay in form and remain in the bag.
another change was done to save the lines from each other,so that they are more seperate now. the point was that if the lines slide over each other at high speeds they could theoreticaly melt the outer covers of other lines. i´f never mentioned that problem, if it is packed niceley it works without any damage.
the next benefit of the new bag is it´s sice. it isbiger and maybe... with a bit pressing and precise folding technics a tandem could fit in!!! :-) (not tested yet)
but be patient, we work on the packing instruction for the new bag and will post it as soon as possible.
unluckily i´m not in arizona and wont be to soon so get us videos from u´r projekt!

if anybodey finds mistakes or thinks different please correct me!

wish u all nice openings best acro and happy landings!


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Greetings All and thanks go out to Skoki and Charly.

Where can i obtain one or two of these D-bags?

I'm currently preparing a deployment method within a parachuting environment and am about to build a bag. The bag that i'm building will be splitable to release the wing from bag pressures before line stretch forces are applied. In my mind this is a key element in reducing strain on the attachment points. I have a 'slight' concern about the method of bag closure shown by these instructions. It seems like there might be substantial forces required to pull the lines from the bag-closure stows. Is this an accurate expectation or is the loop-release pressure kept to a minimum by some gauge, an example being the ability to place two fingers through the loop without discomfort? (Example from old parachute system bungee closure of main container with pilot chute bridle, mid 70s).
I hear there is another d-bag design out there. Can anyone describe any differences? I'll have mine ready for show-and-tell very soon.

The deployment concept i'm working on is a low stress, canopy transfer method. For those of you who are skydivers, you may have learned this as a student (regulatory loophole for us). I'm not sure if the paraglider community considers the deployment of a reserve as a canopy transfer, since no separation occurs from the first wing. If i recall correctly, from sport parachute use in the 70s, it is still a transfer, correct me though from your perspective.

Para-swap, from a deployed freefall main parachute to a paraglider, will be accomplished in the next few weeks. You can follow a link to the details and developments from the following site . I welcome your input. In this stage of experimentation, The paraglider will be released from a top-skin pocket of the freefall parachute. Gadgetry will help the pilot to maintain staging, and once the paraglider starts to inflate beyond a certain point, the freefall wing will be deflated (released) and gathered up for stowage in a stuff sack. I expect the process to go smoothly. since i'm taking advantages of the strengths and weakness of ramair technology. If anyone is in the Arizona vicinity and would like to collaborate on this project please feel free to contact me. This method is the long way around the stress issues inherent to paragliders but there is good reason, many years of Canopy Relative Work developments, to take this path. The procedure can be kept to a high level of predictability

I want to commend this community of pilots for taking the para-sport to a new level of innovativeness and demonstration of a sound concept, the ramair wing. I hope manufacturers in both the parachute and paraglider communities recognize the natural next step in progression and start building freefall deployable paragliders for the civilian market. Please loby your manufacturers on this subject. By doing this they will increase levels of safety and simplify, potentially reduce, regulatory obstacles (which should in the first place be non-existent and remain the discretion of responsible pilots in charge, not any government agencies).

Desicisons should be left to the good judgement of responsible people who know the circumstances of their objective. dzp

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ya men!
GREAT work! we ll use it a lot I guess!
lookin forward to see u guys at gerlitzen! with our new morpheus :)
petLUaCROcrew :::

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hi folks!

there is a little difference between the old ava sport d-bag and the new one. If you want to use this packing instruction, you will see that the side were the rubber bands are mounted is now on the other side. As soon as we have the time, we will make a new packing instruction document for the new d-bags. Anyway, if you plan a jump sooner, feel free to ask me any questions! Post them here or whrite me a mail!

wishing you nice openings and perfect conditions!

fly save!


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thx again to skoki and charly for packing the d-bag in stubai
It works perfect. I hope we meet us again.
Nice greetings Josef
Stay Safe

camilo's picture

thanks skoki

now I´m clear.


skogaman's picture

Hi all!

first of all thanks for all the feedback! thats the best wage for it and makes the work worth it!

the reason for the elastic bands is, that during the packing it is easier not to get a mess with something.
secondarily it helps with the inflation. when the trailing enge is holded together, the air is just able to flow into the cells, and the trailing edge can not be blown up so easy. when u pull, u automatically pull down the very aft section symetricaly, so it comes out symetricaly. for the air there is just one chance, it can just fill all the intake parts bevore the preasure is high enough to push awy the elastic bands.
i think that is the reason why.
if u want to know more, please whrite again. the way we do the packing, i´f learned from xandi and bernd. i think they are more or less the invenors of that methode. for more details please ask one of them to.

we are also working on a video but we didn´t make to much progress yet. i will talk to the just acro guys if we have more material to make a dvd for both methods, theirs and ours.

it would also be cool if somebodey could translate it to more different languages! let´s make it internationaly!

so i wish u many nice openings guys and girls!
may the d-bag lay under the tree!!


camilo's picture

Hey guys.

What is the purpose of the elastics round the brake lines?


JaroXS's picture

Hi all,

really nice document ! Congrats. guys !

But it still would be nice to have such information recorded on DVD in english.
Pal said they are working on it :-) so maybe not to long .

Regards for all.

Jaro XS

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Hi all,

many thanks to Skoki and Charly for all the work to create some detailed informations.
Now I would like to translate it for my Canary boys in spanish. If it is ready, I probably public here as well for collecting more languages, so all can participate.

The only thing is we have to wait for the d-bag from PAL!!!!

Pal, please don´t forget you promised my d-bag under my christmas tree this year!!!

rainy greetings from El Hierro from


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hey guys,
great work


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hey skokman & charly !

fuckin' nice document !
the acro movement will be very thankful about this... :)

blue skies & fly safe,


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thanks for doing this!!!I`ve allways been looking for such a description!