Private acro course with Pál Takáts in Italy


I. 10-15 May 2022 (0 places available)
II. 17-22 May 2022 (0 place available)
III. 24-29 May 2022 (0 places available)

- Maximum 3 participants per group.

- Combining instructional tandem and solo training flights.

- Powered by the Master Acro instructional videos (incl. in the package).

- All focus on Your progression!

- Flying at one of the best training spots on the planet.

- From beginner to professional level.

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Master Acro - ADVANCED SEASON: now available as separate package

The Master Acro ADVANCED SEASON is now available as a STANDALONE PACKAGE for 65 EUR in the justACRO Shop! If you are an intermediate acro pilot looking to progress further, then this is the best value for your money available right now:

Content overview:

1. Intro & important safety notice (03:08)
2. The Box: placement and drift & management of altitude (09:47)
3. Typical emergency situations and reserve deployment (20:27)
4. Asymmetric SAT (11:46)
5. Helicopter (19:46)
6. Misty Flip (18:18)
7. Dynamic Full Stall to Helico (03:38)
8. SAT to Helico (08:27)
9. Helico to SAT (07:21)
10. Helico to Helico (07:27)
11. Misty to Heli (06:25)

Maël Jimenez reports from the top of the French Open podium!

"Super happy to win the French Champ today after an epic battle between the veterans Eliot Nochez and Francois Ragolski and the rookies Chauvin Hugo_ and Axel Coste!
First thoughts go to my mom which taught me how to live happily doing what I love, to Theo De Blic who sadly couldn't come but taught me everything about paragliding for three years and @stagab without whom I wouldn't here today.
Big thanks to the organization, to all the pilots and see you next year." @airg_products

R.I.P. Richard Gallon (1973-2020)

RIP Richard Gallon - Interview from Adrenaline and Turbulence DVD

Richard Gallon, one of the first pioneers of acro paragliding and a Paragliding World Cup legend has passed away on his 47th birthday (12th Jun 2020) after battling sickness over the past years...
Richard started to paraglide in Saint Hilaire du Touvet, France at the age of 12. Only 20 years old, in 1993 he became Paragliding World Cup champion. Together with the Rodriguez brothers he was one of the founders of the Safety Acro Team that took the most significant part in the early evolution of the sport. He also founded AirG Products with the vision to provide affordable wings for this small market.
We will truly miss his ever positive vibes and uplifting spirit...
Rest in peace brother...