Upcoming events

Vertigo Voss A.P.W.T.

Event date: 
2017/06/25 to 2017/06/28

Registration here: https://no.surveymonkey.com/r/6WPCTTD

Info from the Extremsportveko site:

This is a FAI CAT 2 Acro competition and is organized under the Acro Paragliding World Tour.

We use a boat for towing which will provide the pilot with ca 800-1000 masl altitude.

There will be prize money for the winners.

The results from this competition will be the basis for the slot list for Expression Session, in which the pilots D-bag from a helicopter.

French Championships

Event date: 
2017/07/07 to 2017/07/09

French Championships.
Maybe going to be an FAI2, to be announced.

justACRO Boogie

Event date: 
2017/08/01 to 2017/08/06
Flieger base, Annenheim

After a first debut in 2016, we're returning for another week of fun this year! More info will follow.

Watch the video clip from last year!

AcroMax A.P.W.T.

Event date: 
2017/08/11 to 2017/08/15
Lago dei Tre Comuni, Monte San Simeone, Gemona- Trasaghis

Acromax 2017, APTW

Info from the website:

Sonchaux Acro Show

Event date: 
2017/08/18 to 2017/08/20

The Sonchaux Acro Show with Swiss Championships, Battle system and everything that flies!

Watch the teaser video here: https://vimeo.com/218016740

44th Coupe Icare Festival

Event date: 
2017/09/21 to 2017/09/24
St. Hilaire du Touvet

The traditional and the greatest...Paragliding meeting, expo and show for the 44th time in the hearth of the sport's history!