RR BASE system by Sup'air - coming soon

Finally, the ultimate rescue system to make our sport a lot safer is here! After several prototypes, hard testing and developing work of Sup'air and Raul Rodriguez, a masterpiece was born.
It consists of a special Sup'air Acro3 harness with an internal BASE container and parachute system but also holds a normal (round or rogallo) parachute under the seat.
The first few pieces are already produced for the Sup'air Team Pilots and later it will be released for public sells.

Watch this short intro of the system

RR Base System from Team Supair on Vimeo.

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Ski season is winding to the end. It's time for paragliding. When can I buy one of these harnesses???? So awesome. What are your plans/timeframe to finish certfication and make public sales?

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the cutaway easy with QuickOut- if you have the altitude and the time you have the time for unlock and activate the release system of the QuickOut- if you have no time left you are already too low and pull the rogallo or round or what else.... my meaning the best help for decision: cutaway or pull reserve only.

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How you solved the cutaway? 3 ring system? have photo of that too?

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What kind of harness did you modified to make this yourself? Can you post photos?

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I´ve made this system by myselfe- and the results: in the wrong hands its just a weapon for suizide.... this system is only for a few handfull of pilots who know the risks the actually Altitude AGL and have the kowledge of Parachute/BASE packing and also the operation of the system.
In hard and fast Twists its also able to get some twists on the parachute canopy.
the next difficulty is the speed..... in the case of emergency your main canopy is twisted or spinning down or what else... your speed is high about 20m/s then you pull the handle the speed increase in the moment of cut away the "reserve" is packed "slider down" or no "slider" so you will get an hard very hard opening- if you are not trained enough your neck will thank you ;-}
The System is like the RSL in Parachuting and requires that your colapsed canopy is away from you and you are not tangled with you canopy......
the advantage clearly a quick opening on a square or round canopy like static line jumps...
the disadvantage: for normal pilots not recommended they didn´t have the skills.... its only dangerous....
(an 140sqft 7cells)

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I had an accident since I couldnt open my reserve. I had a 3 turn twist resulted with a deep spiral. I couldnt pull my reserve, both of them was was stuck :) I hit the water after 400 mt deep spiral. 400 meter just passed in 2 seconds. when it will be ready to be sold. and what will be the price.

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For my is a good idea, because I am skydiver all so and is easy to cutaway and open the rezerve.
I all ready use for few time the cutaway sistem in skydiving, but is true for people who don't make/ jump Skydiving is a little bit scare to cut.
But is realy realy good idea and for all ACRO pilot must have trust in this sistem because is very very very safety. .

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Loco Mad Marius
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Do you really think this system is safer? Sure it’s cooler, in a competition, to get rid of your messed up glider and land your base parachute on the raft, than to come down on a reserve – but safer? There is probably two types of situations that are seriously dangerous a) falling into your lines/canopy and b) twists/cravattes/etc. at low altitudes. And in neither of these two cases this systems seems to work, let alone improve the situation. If you are coming down wrapped in your glider/lines, the skyhook system won’t work (or at least seriously less well), and close to the ground I wouldn’t suggest using it at all. By detaching from your glider you initially increase your falling speed (and you lose anywhere between 10-40 m before the base chute starts flying). Throwing a normal reserve with a messed up glider almost never seriously makes your situation worse if you are close to the ground, pulling this thing at level flight at 50 meters altitude might well kill you.
And yes I know, the harness comes with a normal rescue as well, but then you need to start judging altitude in order to decide which rescue to throw…
Not that I care if you personally like the system or not – but you guys have a big influence on the acro scene – and if a lot of people start using this system there is a good chance that it won’t be long before we’ll have the first accidents caused by low altitude deployments.
Just a thought.