Horacio Llorens is Spanish Acro champion 2010

An article by Ojovolador.com, reported by Horacio Llorenz.

The second edition of the Revoluttion event was held last weekend (August 6-8) with the participation of about thirty pilots, some foreigners, who flew three tasks in the solo category and two in synchro in perfect conditions over the lake of La Pobla de Segur. Horacio Llorens (RR Radix) took the top place overall, ahead of team mate Raul Rodriguez (RR Radix) and the Argentinean Hernan Pitocco (Sol Supersonic). Horacio reports from the competition.

"The Championship took place in La Pobla de Segur (Lleida, Catalonia), towed by Jordi Marquillas and the Entrenuvols team, who are very professional and towed very well giving us good height for the tasks.
This time we had two competitions, solo and synchro. The synchro was really something new as they towed us up with only one boat but with a rope that split at the end in two strings separated by a distance of 15 meters, so that the pilots wouldn’t touch during the ascent (one was more delayed than the other). This system initially seemed strange for the pilots used to synchro competitions with two different boats doing the towing, but it actually worked very well and we were able to do two tasks in synchro and three in solo.
The competition started on Friday with a solo task (there were around 30 pilots, ten of them foreigners). As it was an Open it scores for the FAI ranking and foreign pilots can compete; and there are two rankings: Synchro and Solo Open, and Synchro and Solo of the Spanish Championship. On Saturday and Sunday we did two tasks each day, one of synchro and one of Solo per day.
The weather was very good and we had a good sound system with a speaker that really livened up the place, as many people came to watch the comp.
Felix Rodriguez had a problem on the first day in his first task and had his glider cravatted with several twist, a difficult situation that only one experienced pilot like him could fix, and so he did, he didn’t have to deploy the reserve and could reopen his glider and continue with the task but he had not much time left to do all the maneuvres and started quite low in the ranking.
We hope to repeat next year; the experience was even better than last year and, who knows, it might even become a World Cup event. There was very good feeling among the foreign pilots and I believe that the place is very suitable".
Horacio Llorens

OPEN – Solo Results:
1ºHoracio Llorens (RR Radix)
2º Raúl Rodríguez (RR Radix)
3º Hernán Pitocco (Sol Supersonic)

OPEN – Synchro Results:
1º Sat Attack (Raúl y Horacio)
2º Kahn Brothers (Ricky Kahn y James Kahn)
3º Sat Republic (Felix y Pitocco)

Spanish Acro Nats – Solo Results:
1ºHoracio Llorens
2º Raúl Rodríguez
3º Javier Tejeiro

Spanish Acro Nats – Synchro results:
1º Sat Attack
2º Javier Tejeiro & Renan Morales
3º Oscar Altillo & Christian Duran

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