AcroAustria - World Cup in acro paradise

After 8 years of competing and being a professional pilot, Alexander "Xandi" Meschuh - seeing the dying down competition scene last year - decided to organize an event at his lovely home site, the Gerlitzen. From his own experiences Xandi knew very well what the pilots need to be happy, satisfied and to be able to enjoy a competition:

a nice location with good infrastructure, a place for the people to stay and to be all together and last but not least, food (this is supposed to be the minimum but unfortunately even this is missing at many events).
I must say from the pilot's point of view he put the perfect event together, everything running at the same place inside the camping of Annenheim, with its own beach and the flying-box right in front of it. As a startplace the one at 1000 meters over the lake (called Kanzelhöhe) was used which is situated only 1500 meters from the raft and provided a fair-play for all the pilots to arrive more or less with the same altitude to execute their program. Once again, big big thanks to Xandi for this nice weekend!

Petlu Team member Marvin Ogger's reports of the event:

"During the last weekend of August the Acro-Scene came together at the well known acrospot at the Ossiacher See in Kaernten, Austria, for the second and last APWC in 2010 (with Solo + Synchro category). Beside the best pilots who were arriving from all over the world there have been a lot of young and promising new faces in the scene.

With a very nice altitude for an acro competiton the pilots showed there incredible performance during two solo and three synchro tasks with Infinity Tumbling almost being standard. The most important thing was to keep a good eye on a nice management of altitude, the coefficients of the tricks, a beautiful choreo, etc. to perform the perfect competiton run.
Only those who didn’t do any mistake during the whole competiton reached a place on the podium – the spanish talent Horacio Llorens (1st), shooting-star and Red Bull X-Alps competitor Pal Takats (2nd) and the well known Hernan Pitocco (3rd) from Argentina. Close behind nobody else then the acro legend Raul Rodriguez (4th) and Jochen Schweizer (5th) from Germany (despite that he didn't even practiced acro this year he managed to finish in front of many big names!).

The russian girl Maria Vikhlyaeva finished as the 3rd woman behind the 16 years old Daniela Martin (2nd) from Germany and Judith Zweifel (1st) from Switzerland, as the best woman.

In Synchro the new team SAT ATTACK (Raul Rodriguez and Horacio Llorens) made it to the top, the hungarian team justACRO (Pal Takats and Gabor Kezi) finished on the 2nd and the swiss boys (Remo Niederer and Yves Berlowitz) LuckyClowns on the 3rd place.

After four beautiful days with lots of sun and heavy storms at the Gerlitzen in Kaernten, Austria, it was time to say « good bye - seeya next year!». Big up to organisator and pilot Xandi Meschuh who made this gorgeus APWC for us possible and to all the many helping hands."

For more information, detailes results, many nice pictures and daily competition reports visit the official website of Acroaustria.