AcroJam 2011 - second day

The day started early for the remaining pilots of the first run. At 8:15 they been sent up to the takeoff, where backwind was found again. The wind dummies could take off quickly, but after the wind got stronger, and the competitions pilots stuck up at the mountain top for about 2 hours. Finally the first solo and synchro runs where finished by the afternoon. The solo competition is 26 pilots, and the synchro is 4 teams. On the briefing the pilots and organizers decided to do the secound tund the next day, as it was too late and the conditions weren't ideal. Later some pilots went up do some training and show flights for the spectators.

Check out the results of the 1st run!

Solo, 1st run

Synchro, 1st run

The Lorit's touching

The Competitiors