AcroJam 2011 - finished

The last day of AcroJam 2011 bring the same conditions as the days before. Early morning the synchro teams could make their run, but the solo pilots couldn't. They had to wait at the top until late afternoon, when the run was finally cancelled. The event was finished with 2 valid runs for synchro and 1 valid run for solo.

These are the final results:

Category Rank Name Nation
Solo Women 1. Maria Vikhyaeva RUS
  2. Nicole Schmidt AUT
  3. Alexandra Grillmayer HUN
Solo Men 1. Pal Takats HUN
  2. Goberna Rafael BRA
  3.  Laireiter Thomas AUT
Synchro 1. Lucky Clowns SUI
  2. You can't stop acro GER
  3. Against the Grain AUT

Synchro, 2nd run

Video of the second day: