Acrobatixx 2011 - first day

The first run of Paranoia Acrobatixx 2011 was finished today, with 32 solo pilots registered. There were around 80 people registered but many didn't show up thanks to the terrible weather forecast for all the event. It was actually a big surprise of the day that a run could be started and completed. It was rainy all the morning and early afternoon hours, but it finally stopped and the cloudbase lift up. The first run was a restricted announced task where pilots could only choose maneuvers until coefficient 1.8 (most difficult tricks till Tumbling, MacTwist to Helico, Misty to Helico)

Here are the quick result.
1. Hernan Pitocco
2. Jeremy Bailly
3. Tim Alongi
4. Xandi Meschuh
5. Sebastian Kahn
6. Pal Takats
7. Horacio Llorens
8. Rafael Goberna
9. Francois Ragolski
10. Gabor Kezi

Download the 1st run's results