Acrobatixx 2011 - second day: French guys continue to kick ass!

The second day of Paranoia started with promising weather forecast for the first half of the day. All the wet gliders dried pretty well in the Ice Stadium during the night so the first pilots started around 10 already. After finishing the second task around 2pm. the weather turned to be cloudy and partly rainy, but luckily it stayed good enough to start and complete a third run!

Since the beginning the young French pilots Jeremy Bailly and Tim Alongi are constantly showing us an outstanding performance! Jeremy won both of the tasks today! Many of the top-pilots did smaller or bigger mistakes, but actually the big score differences are coming from the landings: in all 3 runs Jeremy landed dry on the raft after pulling an amazing ground-spiral, with the wingtip touching the water, spiced up with hand or foot touches. Also Tim managed the same, he only got wet first in the last run this evening when coming in just 2-3 meters short.

The fact that there is only about 350-400 meters available in the box and only 3 maneuvers to perform, the event is turning into a landing competition, as usually here. The landing takes a big 20% part of the total scoring (since 2010) which means if a pilot does a ground spiral and then lands dry on the raft, it scores as much as it was a 4th maneuver (an example of a winner 3 maneuvers run: techical score: 57 pts, choreography: 17 pts, a perfect landing: 16pts !).The pilots agree that a landing like this is actually more difficult to manage then any of the acro tricks.

The results are not yet published on but the current ranking looks something like this. The Top3 is packed tight together but there is already a big gap in scores from number 3 to 4. The other french pilots, Francois Ragolski and the young Elliot Nochez are also in really good positions. Many pilots are complaining about funny scoring but this is of course nothing new in acro competition...One is sure, Jeremy is on his very well deserved place on the top!

1. Jeremy Bailly FRA
2. Hernan Pitocco ARG
3. Tim Alongi FRA
4. Pal Takats HUN
5. Francois Ragolski FRA
6. Elliot Nochez FRA
7. Horacio Llorens ESP
8. Lino Oehl GER
first woman: Grillmayer Alexandra HUN

The weather looks OK do do at least one but maybe 2 more tasks tomorrow and finish the competition (sunday looks very rainy anyways).