Acrobatixx 2011 - Jeremy Bailly wins, Pál second, Tim third, Pitocco misses the podium in last moment

Saturday, the final day of Paranoia Acrobatixx brought surprisingly good weather again and we were able to finish 2 more runs, so 5 in total!

The 4th run was won by Pál Takáts (overall 4th) followed by Marvin Ogger, and the french guys Jeremy Bailly (overall 1st) and Tim Alongi (3rd) who were performing steadily at their best till the end. Hernan Pitocco (2nd) finished 6th so just before the final run the scores between the 4 leading pilots got pretty tight...

For the fifth, final run there was a cut with only the TOP 15 taking part in it. The pilots were allowed to choose any of the tricks again (by the new world cup rules the pilots are allowed to perform a certain maneuver only one time, no repetition is allowed until the final run). As a leader, Jeremy wisely choose a safe program that doesn't take lot's of altitude (Infinity, Helico, Helico), not like Pál and Francois Ragolski (overall 5th) who picked high-coefficient tricks (Rythmic SAT, Misty to Helico, Helico to Helico), signing up for a risky game knowing that there is only 400 meters available in the box and to miss a proper ground-spiral-to-raft landing because of no more altitude would have been a fatal failure for the ranking. Finally their "russian-roulette" payed out: Francois won the task followed by Pál and Lino Oehl. Hernan Pitocco (Infinity, Heli to SAT, Misty Flip) did not managed his Helico to SAT cleanly and had a low-score landing which threw him off the podium in the very last moment...

Final results:

1. Jeremy Bailly (FRA, 418,6 pts.)
2. Pál Takáts (HUN, 413,4 pts.)
3. Tim Alongi (FRA, 405,3 pts.)
4. Hernan Pitocco (ARG, 402,3 pts.)
5. Francois Ragolski (FRA, 399,4 pts.)
6. Lino Oehl (GER, 385,9 pts.)
7. Horacio Llorens (ESP, 384,1 pts.)
8. Xandi Meschuh (AUT, 383,5 pts.)
9. Félix Rodriguez (ESP, 378,8 pts.)
10. Marvin Ogger (GER, 378,3 pts.)
25. Grillmayer Alexandra (HUN, 226,8 - without the final run)