Acro Austria 2011 - Horacio is leading the comp, Pál secured the 2011 World Cup Champion title!

The weather forecast for today was not very promising, awaiting a fast moving cold front with heavy rain in the afternoon. Only the remaining pilots from run 2 - which was stopped due to strong winds yesterday - could perform their routines and around midday the task was completed. At this time one could already see the front line coming up fast on the horizon and around 2 pm. the valley wind turned around, further tasks got cancelled.
Horacio did a very clean program and the best landing of the run which put him to the overall 1st place with 14 and 16 points ahead the youngster followers, Tim Alongi and Marvin Ogger. Winner of the first run Hernan Pitocco fall back big time after receiving his second warning today (out of the box) and having some problems with his tricks. Pál Takáts lost one position and is now on place 4. due to a bad spiral landing and not reaching the raft.

Acro Austria solo run 2 detailed results
Acro Austria overall solo results after 2 runs

Tomorrow is the last day of the competition and there is going to be a final solo and synchro run of the season. Whatever happens tomorrow, with 46 points of advantage Pál definitely won the 2011 World Cup Season but the fight for the other podium places are still open. Theoretically Hernan, Tim and Horacio could still take down the second place!

The overall 2011 World Cup Ranking before the last run of the season:

1. Pal Takats (HUN) 169 points
2. Hernan Pitocco (ARG) 123 points
3. Tim Alongi (FRA) 118 points
4. Horacio Llorens (ESP) 104 points
5. Francois Ragolski (FRA) 94 points
...see the complete list.