The 2011 World Cup Season is over - Hungary is officially acro superpower!

On Sunday at the Ossiachersee in Austria the last solo and synchro tasks of Acro Austria were completed and with that the 2011 World Cup Tour has ended.

Adding up all the task results of Acroludeniz, Paranoia and Acro Austria competitions, Hungarian pilots became World Cup Champions 2011 in all 3 categories!

With 189 points Pál Takáts won the 2011 season having an enormous advantage of 63 points in front of Argentinian Hernan Pittoco (126 points) and French Tim Alongi (124 points) who just missed to become second with 2 points. Francois Ragolski came fourth and 3-times winner Horacio Llorens fifth. The first women is Grillmayer Alexandra ("Szasza").
See the complete 2011 overall solo ranking.

2011 Overall World Cup Champions: Tim Alongi (3rd), Pál Takáts (1st), Hernan Pitocco (2nd)

In synchro justACRO Team (Pál Takáts, Gábor Kézi) placed first after performing the first ever successful synchro Esfera in competition history. Second the German team Air Affair (AcroAustria 3rd place) with Lino Oehl and Marvin Ogger, third Austrian Lorit (AcroAustria 2nd place) with Ricky and Sebastian Kahn. See the 2011 overall synchro ranking.

AcroAustria synchro podium: Air Affair (3rd), justACRO (1st), Lorit (2nd)

Horacio Llorens won the Acro Austria solo category with good clearance in front of Francois Ragolski and Pál Takáts. Francois won the last run and secured his first ever World Cup podium. Tim and Marvin who were in top 3 before the final run have also made good but not perfect runs and it was enough for them to miss the podium. Acro Austria final solo results.

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