Antoine Montant dies base jumping

Sunday morning at 5 am. Antoine's girlfriend called attention on Facebook that he is missing since saturday afternoon after he went for a BASE jump in the area of Collet d’Anterne in Haute Savoie, France. Just a few hours later many people such as friends, mountain guides, paragliders, base jumpers got together for the search of Antoine. In the afternoon the terrible news hit the scene, that they found him dead in the mountains. :-(
He went for a wingsuit jump alone so nobody witnessed what happened. He was found with his parachute being still inside the container with only the pilot chute being outside. Friends believe it only fall out in the impact, not because he was about to open his parachute.
Antoine was 30 years old. Beside being one of the best acro paraglider pilots in the world he was a multiple times speed-riding champion an amazing skier and a great person. He was following the footsteps of his brother Valery after he died in an very unlucky accident in 2006 while hiking back up to to his car on the Saléve. They both were living simply for their passions, not for the show or to become famous, but for the real spirit of their belowed sports up in the mountains.

His loss leaves terrible pain in the hearth of those who knew him. Deepest condolences to his family and all his friends...

Antoine flying away...

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RIP for one of the best acro pilots around the world.

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Merci pour tes images et le rêve qui s'y colle! ...

Fly in peace

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Merci Antoine

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Thank you, Antoine, for sharing with us a bit of our world in a way that some would never see or experience otherwise than through you.

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Very sad news for the Montant family. What a life he lived though!

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Oh no...what a very sad news...hope your life had been as you in peace..