AcroJam 2012 final results!

After 3 successful tasks Brazilian "Rafinha" Goberna won the 2012 Acrojam in Obertraun, Austria! The last run mixed up the ranking a bit: other youngster from France Tim Alongi climbed up 2nd and Félix Rodriguez to 3rd position!

1. Raphael Goberna (SOL Supersonic, BRA) 239,7 points
2. Timotheé Alongi (U-Turn Thriller, FRA) 232,2 points
3. Felix Rodriguez (Ozone Trickster,ESP) 225,4 points
4. Jeremy Bailly (U-Turn Thriller, FRA) 223,2 points
5. Xandi Meschuh (Icaro Nikita, AUT) 222,3 points
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