The Acro Battle - Sonchaux

We are in Villeneuve and the event rocks!
The level of the battles is great, a good game to play..

Although the weather forecast wasn't the best the Acro Battle and all the side acts of the Sonchaux Acro Show 2012 rock.

Between little rain showers the twelve invited int. pilots and the four best Swiss were fighting for the finals with announced runs such as Rhythmic SAT - Misty Flip - Helico and of course the freestyle part in the end. All the four qualification pools where hot, the technical level in the air didn't make a big difference and 360 landings to the raft were almost standard.
The pilots were randomly put together into 4 pools. Out of each pool the two best pilots got qualified for the quarter finals, the first pool - Marvin Ogger (GER), Rafael Goberna (BRA), Lionel Hercod (SUI) and Baptiste Rousset (FRA) - had an equality of three pilots but due to a points penalty Ogger didn't make into the final battles, he got drifted out of his flying box during the first run.

In the finals: Eliot Nochez (FRA) Vs. Horacio Llorens (ESP) and Adrian Hachen (SUI) Vs. François Ragolski (FRA) THIS AFTERNOON!"