The Moto Era

Since more then a year now some are pushing paramotor flying with their acro wings hard and at least since Hernan Pitocco (ARG) did the first Infinit Tumble, we all realized that this new way exists.
Recently we hear a lot from the Malaguitas (ESP) flying non stop with their paramotors; Javi doing huge wingtip touches or pulling the first connections like the Infinit to Helico.

But this new clip tops all. Everyone who already flew with such a powerful machine understands why I say that François Ragolski (FRA) is doing one of the gnarliest things I ever saw. Pulling a high Misty to Helico inverted or a multi connection like the Cowboy is not just like doing an Infinit. After all that check how he moves close to the ground with full speed!

François is highly inspiring with his style of flying a paramotor and maybe one day, if they manage to make a nice harness I'll take the motor more often for a little ride, too.