Horacio Llorens switches to Gradient

Horacio Llorens, multiple paragliding aerobatics World Cup Champion and Infinity Tumbling Guinness record holder announces his new sponsorship deal with Gradient - he told us these breaking news in a skype call two days ago. We managed to get hold of him at home in Albacete, Spain as he was making his final preparations for the next Search Project starting today.

"After flying 4 years representing my cousin's (Raúl Rodriguez - RR Wings) brand it was a very hard decision to make." - he said.

In the past during the Search Projects he was already often seen flying cross country with Gradient wings.
The brand currently does not have a high level competition wing but Horacio also said that a prototype is already in development for the 2014 season.

Horacio and Thomas de Dorlodot (also with Gradient) together with a small production team are in these moments on an airplane towards Tahiti, the middle of the Pacific ocean to set off for another great adventure. There, a large catamaran boat is already waiting for them to become their home for the next 3 months on the search for special islands. You can follow them on the Search Facebook page.

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Awesome! Does this mean we finally get to see some Seven 2 Footage? Haven't seen any video of it doing tricks!