Trickster 2014 line set

Information from Ozone's website:

Felix and the Ozone R&D Team are constantly working to improve our range of acro wings. When the Trickster was released, we did not stop working on development, and over the past few months we have improved the behavior of the Trickster in terms of trick-performance and ease of use by making some adjustments to the line set. The new Trickster 2014 Line Set is now available at a team-pilot pricing for pilots who have already purchased this wing, and all Tricksters ordered from now on will come with this new line set.

Felix says of the new line set: “It has improved everything about the wing, there is even less shooting [meaning better recoveries] which makes exiting and transitioning from all maneuvers easier. The ease of the infinite and heli maneuvers stays the same, so we have now the same great performance in tricks, but with an easier feeling overall.”

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Man, I see now that the new set of lines is possible. I have my trickster and I would like to change it, ask for ozone and see if available, maybe the price is not excessive for an old wing.

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"When the Trickster was released, we did not stop working on development"
translation;we ve released and made money with a glider wich was not ready yet,and now it is we ll make some more money selling you a proper line set but" at a team-pilot pricing"....

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Is it gonna be avaible for test on Stubai Cup?