Marvin Ogger and Tim Alongi are showing their skills in this sick GoPro - Edit.

For Marvin Ogger, paragliding is about “the feeling of flight, and nothing else." He's one of the pilots blending the disciplines of classic 'acro paragliding' and 'freestyle flying'. So, which does he do? Both.

"It's not about categorisation. I've realised that the disciplines really overlap. 'Freestyle flying' takes 'acro paragliding' to a variety of terrains. Every hill, every rock, every piece of architecture is a potential park – sometimes 100m above the ground, other times a few up kilometres up!"

Of course, this style of flight requires years of experience and extreme skill – one, in particular: "Above all, you need to be able to land from several meters up using a 'tail-slide!'"

"Freestyle flying’ takes ‘acro paragliding’ to a variety of terrains!"

Watch the video above to see how Ogger and his friend Tim Alongi explore the world of what's possible on a paraglider, bringing the sky and the ground together in some very daring ways. And remember, it's all about practice. Says Ogger: "The more time I spend in the air, the more fully I can move there too."