Aircross 2015 freestyle lineup

When Aircross launched Uinfnite for the 2014 season it was a nice step forward in acro-glider design. To big surprise of the acro scene it was flying all dynamic tricks fully pressurized, while keeping sweet helico connection. Especially the stable wing-tips in heli connections and antirythmic were a kick-ass feature.

Over the past 6 months Aircross is keeping on moving forward on the freestyle/acro front. The current project is a freestyle glider coming out this spring in two sizes 20 and 22 square meters called Uconnect. The goal is to make the easiest possible freestyle wing. Target pilots are beginners as well as more advanced pilots that search for a pleasant wing for both tricks as well as strong-wind soaring. The 22 is almost ready for production, with final trimming taking place now. Second size, 20 meter should be ready end of March with orders possible to place from April.

The last prototypes of the glider feature very easy behavior, so it is possible to do all basic maneuvers including helicopters, fullstalls, sats, mistyflips with top passive safety.

On the acro-glider front the 2015 model of Uinfnite will keep the same concept - profile, canopy details and materials used. It is hard to make big improvements, but there is a new 2015 trim ready for both the main line geometry as well as the brake lines. Additionally the line plan was optimized with stronger lines used, in some parts almost as twice as strong. This brings enhanced longevity of the glider and highest possible long-term safety.

A new acro project is a competition version of the Unfinite in one size only - 16,8 square meters. This paraglide wing has a similar profile and same internal structure of the standard Uinfinite but with a reduced cell count - the reduction is big from 53 cells to 45 cells. This changes the ballooning of the glider, influencing various characteristic including brake pressure and brake range. Thanks to less cells the glider will be lighter and easier/cheaper to produce while retaining the best production quality. The first proto just arrived and is ongoing initial testing. Check the behavior in the video below.

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