The Blackout

"U-Turn Blackout"

It is back, the acro glider with the unbeatable handling!

The new acro glider BLACKOUT is aimed at all acro pilots, who want to combine much dynamic with very simple handling. That is why the glider is suitable for hobby acro pilots, acro beginners as well as for professionals. The BLACKOUT is the advancement of the co-operation concept Emilie – however the glider developed by U-Turn was heavily improved and newly constructed form the current technical knowledge and experience.

Check the Video of the new U-Turn Acro Team Member Thomas Laireiter:
Laisch - pink and black blackout
Simon - red and grey blackout

Simplification was the ultimate ambition. Simple with the handling but also in the construction – thus already in the attention was paid to a light canopy construction. The small weight of the wing is facilitating the sweet-tempered flying features of the dynamic wing. Nevertheless U-Turn is setting great value upon the longevity and high form fidelity of its wings and this way much effort was put in the acro glider BLACKOUT to preserve the exceptional flying features under extreme workload for a long time.

Even though the BLACKOUT is mastering all acro maneuvers without problems, attention was paid to the fact that the glider forgives mistakes of the pilot. Brake and canopy tension were picked accordingly, so that acro beginners can obtain senses of achievement fast. Especially in the basic maneuvers like rhythmic sat / infinity / heli2sat / sat2heli / misty / mctwist / misty2heli much value was set upon simple handling. The turn on in the passage of all negative maneuvers is very homogenous with the BLACKOUT which reduces the tendency to twist and therefore supplies more safety especially to acro beginners.

Some basics with the new U-Turn Blackout!

Posted by Simon Winkler on Mittwoch, 25. März 2015

An important aspect in all the test flights, was the optimization of the brake pressure. For example at the size 17 with 93 kg pilot weight the double acro brake is not necessary anymore - without winding or grasping to the second stage all maneuvers are possible, also the corkscrew or mctwist,says team pilot Simon Winkler.

The BLACKOUT is processed with utmost care and designed for longevity under extreme workload. For that U-Turn is also expediting the innovations in the material production - this way at the BLACKOUT the new PX40 is used. This was developed in co-operation with Paratex on the base of the established Thriller material. An innovative coating is providing better long term values and optimized tear resistance. PX40 is at the moment the strongest cloth out of which wings can be built. But also in the processing everything is done for longevity and form fidelity, part of that are multiple strengthened sewings and strengthenings at all line suspensions and v-tapes. Chief designer Ernst Strobl is building the dynamic acro wing on 50 cells and relying on modified line geometry. Like all acro gliders also the BLACKOUT is equipped with the Stabilo Security Function (SSF) to quickly resolve the situation when making a swaying movement.

The BLACKOUT is available as of now in the following sizes:

17m², 18m², 20m², 21m²

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paal's picture

I am sooo looking forward to this glider.

simon2's picture

It is quite close to the 2k11. i would say even less shoot but with a better helicoconnection behavior. it is way easier to do heli2sat and sat2heli and safer to do the antirhythmic..

vp's picture

Could you say, how does Blackout compare to Thriller 2k11?
Is it more/less demanding? Will it do better in all maneuvers?