What it is like!

AirCross has made a movie documenting their tour to Algodonales with Lonnie Bissonnette.

Lonnie Bissonnette is from Canada. He was injured on July 19th, 2004 during his 1,100th BASE jump from a 165m bridge. His parachute got entangled with his foot and never fully inflated. This accident left him paralyzed from the chest down. However, his love for the skies never died, and less than one year later he was back in the air skydiving, and BASE jumping once again.

With the AirCross team Lonnie learnt how to fly paraglider and it was not just a great adventure with base jumps from the tandems, but also a great friendship that developped over the great time we as the AirCross team had together with Lonnie in these two weeks!

Lonnie: "When Aircross presented me the opportunity to try the sport of paragliding, I thought it would be something new, and fun. I never realized how beautiful it would be. Most of all, I never imagined that I would find myself surrounded by so many amazing people who would become some of my closest friends, and people who I hope will be in my life forever now! I am forever grateful for the opportunity.
Life should not be about the accumulation of possessions, but rather the accumulation of special memories, and the memories of this trip will last a lifetime!"

The idea behind the project was to show, that up in the sky, everyone is the same and Lonnie, being parapledgic became equal to us pilots and his very first paraglider flight already lasted 45 minutes. And the memories from this trip will last a life time. Enjoy the movie…

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