Acro Paragliding Simulator

A few days ago Thomas from Asynchron has released his paragliding simulation app for Android.

It's still semi realistic but close to real glider physics behavior. You stear your paraglider with breaks left/right and via weightshifting and it's possible to fly most of the maneuver in the acrobatic paragliding world.

If you don't want to fly acro, you can try out some accuracy competitions, cross country or paramotor pylonraces! With the integrated Google Play Game Service you can put your scores online and compare them to other players all over the world.

Statenent of the developer:
"There is still some space for improvement. Currently I am trying to get the maneuver detection in acro mode done. If this is working in future, there will be be a scoring system for competition mode. Currently it can detect helico, sat and infinity. At the moment too less to give some serious points. Now I know that competition judging is really hard work ;)"

Try it out! It's a nice way of passing the time on non flyable days!

Trailer of the game:

Its available on Google Playstore:

Asynchron's website:

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Simply great! Big thank you, Thomas!