AirG is back!

First of all, we like to thank all the people that stayed loyal and helped us in the last months through the transition our company was facing! You are so awesome!

So, what can you expect this year from us?

The moment we have been waiting for: The PEACE is back.

It has exactly the same characteristics that made it such a wonderweapon for fast and safe acro progression. It comes with the same finish as the PEACE. Just a little design makeover has been made: Welcome the PEACE2!


Standard color combinations


To avoid any inconveniences, we have been flying the new gliders in the last months to make sure they work perfectly. All we can say: We are stoked, legends never die!

Sizes 17 and 20 are in STOCK RIGHT NOW (limited)! Order now, fly in a few days! 18 will follow in May. Pre-orders including special colours can be made from now on.


The new babies in the house!


You can order here:

And there is another surprise: We are developing a Freestyle wing that allows easy and safe entry to the world of Acrobatic Paragliding:


Welcome Sophie Chill!


Sophie Chill


We are using a completely new concept, using a less aggressive profile and shorter lines. The result: A very easy Freestyler in the Emilie-design, with perfect take-off characteristics and a tremendously wide deep-stall-window.

The first size is 21. We plan to introduce the glider at the Testival in Kössen.

We are looking forward seeing you in the next months. We´ll be in El Hierro, Organya, Gerlitzen (justACRO Boogie!), Coupe Icare and Ölüdeniz!

Stay safe and tuned!

Happy landings,


Richard, Simon, Johannes


AirG Crew: Simon Klemenc, Johannes Glatz

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@ligom's picture

Good news !!!!

acro_guru's picture

New concept of Sophie Chill sounds lucrative!! Waiting to watch this wings performance.

jmcolombo's picture

That is awesome news!!! Especially about the Sophie Chill! I ended up selling my Sophie2 as I found it too aggressive for a freestyle wing... I'll be waiting to hear more!

MichelLacher's picture

What the differents to the Emma smile?

Matthias Lanckman's picture

sweet! not yet on the airg webpage