New FAI Sporting code and 2018 comp format

Attention competition pilots! The new FAI Sporting Code S7B for aerobatic paragliding has been released! Quick summary of changes:


In 2018 only one technical change is introduced.
Until last year the only manoeuvre allowed to be reversed was the Misty to heli (Misty reverse).
The reversed manoeuvre becomes now a new choreography bonus, like for twisted and flipped manoeuvres.
The manoeuvres performed reversed (max. 2 per run) will increase the choreography mark as follows:
Reversed Misty to Heli: +6% 
Reversed Heli to SAT: +7%
Reversed Mac Twist to Heli: +7%
Reversed Cork: +8%
Reversed SAT to Heli: +9%
Reversed Joker: +10%

New maneuver introduced: MISTY TO SAT

Same criteria as for a Misty Flip. Minimum 45° climb before rotation + transition to SAT + SAT criteria. 

Flow and speed of transition.
Twisted Misty to SAT: must be twisted during the entry, untwisted by the rotation of 
the Misty flip. 

Forbidden connection to SAT. 

Technical scoring coefficient: 1.70


AWT and AWT Master format 2018

In 2018 APWT will be replaced by a new format, the Acro World Tour (AWT).
It consists in 3 AWT Qualification Stages (open to all pilots) and 1 AWT Masters Finals (for the top 16 pilots after the AWT Qualification stages).
The first 2 runs of the competitions will not change, they will be scored according to the good old standard system. Then, in case of good weather forecast for the week end, and according to local circumstances, only the final runs will be performed under the battle format.
In 2017 only 2 teams participated to the 2 competitions of the season. Under these circumstances it doesn’t make sense to keep giving away a World Tour title for synchro. This year we must make a pause for reflection and focus on the new format. Synchro will be flown for show during the events. Then, next year we can think about introducing again synchro competitions, also because it would be nice to have many good teams for the World Air Games 2020 in Turkey!