Acro GAME: qualification day! REMINDER: take-off closure!

Today the GAME begins! 15 invitational pilots will be challenged to qualify into the finals. Who will be the 8 of them to make it?
- REMINDER: the take off will be closed tomorrow during the finals approximately between 4-6 pm. Everybody is welcome to watch the event on the launch site with cold drinks and shade! -

- Each pilot have 4 letters for the entire qualification and for each battle.
- In the qualification they will have to perform maneuvers one by one, spontaneously announced by head judge Pál Takáts.
- In the qualification the difficulty will be increasing step by step.
- If somebody make a mistake, will loose a letter. The easier the trick even a smaller mistake will be enough to loose a letter.
- When 7 pilots loose all their letters and fall out, the qualification is over.
- For the finals the pilots will be randomly paired up to battle against each other.
- Knowing each others strength and weaknesses is very important here and strategy plays a big role.
- In each battle pilots will announce a chosen tricks to challenge their opponent. The one who announces will perform the maneuver first, then they switch roles over and over again, until one of them looses 4 letters and gets knocked out.
- For the semi finals and finals even combinations will be allowed.
- Since the level is extremely high the judging will be very strict, and the smallest imperfection will be enough.