Acro GAME, Friday: qualification standings

The qualifications started yesterday afternoon finally only with 14 top ranked pilots. Unfortunately after 5 maneuvers the sky started closing in an a small shower turned down the 'turbine'. All pilots top landed and waited for strong conditions to return but the wind stayed calm for the rest of the day. 2 pilots got eliminated and a some have only 1 or 2 letters remaining. The only pilot without any letter is again Théo de Blic - same as last year. The qualification tricks announced by head judge Pál Takáts were the followings: Twister to Twister to Twister, Infinity to Helico, Twisted SAT to Twisted MacTwist, Twisted Joker Reverse Unnatural, Twisted Opposite MacTwist Reverse.

Today the briefing will happen on take-off early at 12:30 pm to be ready as soon as the conditions turn on. First, the qualification needs to continue until 4 more pilots (6 in total) drop out with 4 letters. Then the remaining 8 finalist will shortly land on take-off to prepare with smoke bombs for the quarter finals, semi finals and finals which will continue right after. The battles will be paired up considering the amount of letters gathered during the qualifier (the weakest against the strongest). If some pilots will have the same amount of letters the actual standings of the CIVL World Ranking will help to decide the order. Standby for updates at the end of the qualifications!