Crazy experiment or a new trick in the making?

Following up a conversation on Facebook, Egor Posokhin and Théo de Blic went out there and tried to see if the legend about a crazy maneuver could become reality...? Théo (on the picture) is currently spending some time at Lake Garda flying his Gradient Agility 14m2 to experiment with this highly dangerous maneuver over water. So far not much success but he just told us that he believes he might be able to manage it by the end of the weekend. We will catch up with these two pilots next week to give you an update with some videos!

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Some more thoughts: wasn't acro always about motivated individuals (and teams) pushing the boundaries of our sport? I think yes. We are pilots and not marketing strategist...All of us is dreaming about a brighter future but the least of us is doing something about it and even some of them are spending their own money doing so. Unfortunately this is the sad reality of our small sport. To be honest this was among the main reasons why I stopped competing because I didn't the potential of big changes happening in the near future. Now 7 years passed by and nothing changed really.
Personally I feel amazed how these guys are making this new trick reality although it seems to be far more dangerous than what we thought was the most dangerous maneuver up to date - the Misty Tumbling. On the other hand also feeling scared and worried for those who will decide to follow their example and try to do the same. No doubt, many of them will be end up falling into their lines and canopies...Stay safe out there!

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Hi Mike,
Yes I think we all agree on that, however I don't see the connection between the two things :)
PS: the trick is stall to infinite and not a forward loop. I can tell you that both pilots are pretty much on the way to succeed but the fails are looking terribly dangerous...justACRO will intend to share them all :)

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Dynamic stall to infinity right? I look forward to the videos. I wish they shared every success and failure.

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my mistake, it is over water ;)

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I would imagine a forward flip, pretty much the opposite motion of an infinite tumble, or what is called a loop in fixed wing aircraft, much like being on a swing and forward energy going over the top. But is acro now obsessively about new tricks? Shouldn't it be about growing the scene and considering comps to join skydiving swoop comps or MTB downhill comps to allow for more publicity? It doesn't matter how cool we think we are doing some new radical trick, no-one ever stays in acro and only a few 'Pros' make enough money to live, and even then, what will they do when they're older? Less 'new tricks' , more focus on growing your Sport of yourself, for everyone, for the World. That's evolution . Looking forward to seeing videos though, two of the most radical pilots- awesome :D