Théo de Blic's crowns the end of the season

Théo won the last acro competition of 2018, the Master Acro in La Reunion island. Followed on the podium by countryman Francois Ragolski. Andres 'Pepe' Villamizar and Eliot Nochez both shared the third place.

1 Theo De Blic FRA Gradient Agility
2 Francois Ragolski FRA AIRG Emilie Peace 2
3 Eliot Nochez FRA Advance Omnikron
3 Andres Villamizar COL U-Turn Blackout Plus
5 Tim Alongi FRA Sup'air 153.75 Win Win Lose Lose
6 Cesar Arevalo Urrego COL U-turn Blackout Plus
7 Gaêtan Doligez FRA Advance Omnikron
8 Mael Jimenez FRA U-turn Joker
9 Axel Fornasier FRA AirG Emilie Peace 2
10 Nicola Donini ITA Ozone Session 
- Hugues Orlianges FRA AIRG Emilie Peace 2
- Roland Brunnbauer AUT Advance Omikron