360 is the new SUPERVIEW

360 Cameras are a big gamechanger when it comes to onboard Acroparagliding footage. Back in the days the pilots used huge fisheyes on their MiniDV cams or Lipstickcameras with complicated cablechannels through their equipment. Just to get these rare onboardfootage - and the best would be if you could see the whole action with pilot and glider.

The possibilities with 360 seem now endless. From followcam to a psycodelic trip - you can creat everything.

So thats why Tim Alongi started a own video series: "On Board with Tim Alongi" Check it out and go flying with him.

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conradburner's picture

I love my 360 camera... only just started using it to record my progress in ground handling by placing it on the ground and doing overcapture. It is decent albeit still just an action cam.. if you get too far from the camera the quality suffers as expected. The real downside is editing takes a long time