Acro GAME - competition day!

Due to the weather forecast for the weekend the organization team decided to hold entire the competition today - the most promising day for the rest of the week. Briefing will take place at 12:30 in the Camping of Organyá and then all pilots will head to the take-off to begin with the qualification rounds. Head judge Pál Takáts will be announcing the maneuvers that everybody need to perform one by one. This will continue until 5 of the 13 invited pilots collect 4 letters and only 8 remain in the competition. They will be paired up to 4 battles for the quarter finals (strongest against the weakest based on qualification results). In the battles they will announce their own maneuvers to challenge their opponents and perform the tricks one after the other. The smallest mistake will lead to a letter given. As always the level is really high and we are looking forward to see the latest of the latest tricks to surface from the Organyá / Acro GAME trick laboratory!

I asked 2-times Acro GAME winner Théo de Blic about his opponents and he said: "Bicho (Victor Carrera - Chile) is flying really clean and Egor Posokhin (Russia) was training so hard lately that it scares me the most.
Unfortunately Horacio Llorens (Acro GAME organizer and multiple podium finisher) is not able to participate this year due to a recent crash landing into the water at the King of Brenta competition. He is doing great and recovering really fast but not ready to fly again yet.

The full list of invited participants are:

Théo de Blic (FRA)
Tim Alongi (FRA)
Axel Fornasier (FRA)
César Arevalo (COL)
Andres Villamizar (COL)
Rafael Goberna (BRA)
Luke de Weert (NLN)
Egor Posokhin (RUS)
Jack Pimblett (UK)
Raúl Rodriguez (ESP)
Mael Porret (SUI)
Victor Carrera (CHL)
Nicola Donini (ITA)