2019 Aerobatics World Cup - overall podium

By also winning the last Aerobatics World Cup of the season, Théo de Blic celebrated the second overall World Cup victory of his life at the price giving of AcroMax in Italy! Chile's Bicho Carrera and Colombia's César Arevalo were following him on the ladder - demonstrating the latino power in the scene!


Théo wrote in social media:

Yesterday I realized my kid's dream, but this time for the second time... the emotion that comes with the world cup winner title is always so strong but in a very different way. The first time was surprise, the feeling of having accomplished what I fought for a large part of my life but also a gigantic personal accomplishment in my eyes. This year it was mostly a revenge on a complicated 2018 season (after the title of 2017) where I finish in a bitter second place. Which had deeply offended me and made me question my way of training that I had therefore totally reviewed. From the day after the final 2018 I was already back to training with for the only goal this season 2019. I didn't stop by continuing the winter, trying to renew myself with the stall to infinit and pushing all The days and I have today the pleasure of the work done and to know that everything I did to bear its fruit well beyond my expectations because I was hoping to win the title as well as the acro game and in the end I will almost have almost Not lost of the season by winning all the major events of the calendar aside from the French championships where I had not set a goal other than the one to test my runs for the world cup. It was very beneficial because I was able to immediately target everything that needed to be modified and that immediately brought its fruit to the world cup.
A very very big thank you to Gradient.cx for his support since all these years, for making me a custom sail that fits me to measure, but also for investing on me and my career without the whole team nothing would have been Possible thanks to them!
Thank you also to Sup 'air who supports me just as much!
As well as to all the other people who support me, make me shuttles or simply follow me from the corner of the eye! Thank you!