Maël Jimenez reports from the top of the French Open podium!

"Super happy to win the French Champ today after an epic battle between the veterans Eliot Nochez and Francois Ragolski and the rookies Chauvin Hugo_ and Axel Coste!
First thoughts go to my mom which taught me how to live happily doing what I love, to Theo De Blic who sadly couldn't come but taught me everything about paragliding for three years and @stagab without whom I wouldn't here today.
Big thanks to the organization, to all the pilots and see you next year." @airg_products

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Thanks a lot !

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Thanks a lot woody ! I'm please to know that you're watching so much my videos. Happy to keep pushing like this and quite satisfying to see all those efforts pay somehow.

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Mael you flipping beast!!! I'm a huge fan and possibly responsible for half of your video views. I'm psyched to see you on top of the podium. Congratulations, it must have felt great. I'm really happy for you.

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On the podium :) Congratulations!!