The first and original aerobatics paraglider and hang-glider competition. This competition saw it all: from the born of the aerobatics discipline in the late 90's into the transition into modern acro and the first FAI World Championships.
From 1998 till 2006 every year the world’s best paraglider and hangglider pilots met up in Villeneuve(Switzerland) to show their skills over the lake Geneva for thousands of spectators.

Vertigo Voss

As the part of the great Extremesportsweek event this competition started in 2002 and since then it’s held every year hosted by the sportive little town of Voss.



Acroaria started in 2001 and was one of the first acro competitions ever organized. It used to be a part of the World Aerobatics Tour at probably the most stunning location of all events in Omegna, above Lake Orta (90km far from Milan and 50 km from the swiss border).


Acrolac started in 2002 and till 2004, and it took place at Lac d'Aiguebelette, close to Chambéry (France).



As the the European season ended the pilots moved to
the south for one last event of the World Aerobatics Tour situated in northeast
Argentina, 65km from the city of Salta.

Acroandes was organized in 2004 first and the first edition already
scored to for the WAT. It is not only an acro competition with two
categories. It is also a festival with exhibitions and courses. Since then it was held a few more times but not as the part of the World Aerobatics Tour.


This competition took place in Slovenia at the beautiful lake of Bohinj starting in 2001. Till 2003 it was also a station of the World Aerobatics Tour.

Depending on the weather conditions the pilots took-off from the Vogar and the Vogel mountains.

In 2004 the competition was cancelled, but it took place again in 2005.

This competition does not take place since 2005.

Paranoia Acrobatixxx

Paranoia Acrobatixx

This event started in 2005 as the first Austrian acro competition above Zell am See. Following the example of other successful events like Vertigo-Voss the pilots jumped from helicopter in the final run of the competition - this became a show highlight of the event in the later editions but was not a part of the competition anymore.
In 2007 Paranoia became a part of the World Aerobatics Tour and was held as one of the mayor stops till 2012.


Well it is not really an acro competition but mostly acro pilots take part in it. It's the ultimate competition of "waga" flying - the purely freestyle art of canopy control.


Organized in 2010 and 2011 by professional acro pilot Xandi Meschuh at the legendary spot, Geritzen, Ossiachersee! This event is unique in the matter that it is organized by one of the veteran pilots of the aerobatics scene. All editions were part of the Aerobatics Paragliding World Cup.

Vertigo Swiss Riviera / Sonchaux Acro Show

Pál Takáts celebrating after landing a successful ground spiral in one of the battles in 2011.

Once RedBull quit sponsoring the Vertigo, the Sonchaux Acro Show took its place at the same location. Till nowadays it remain the most visited aerobatics paragliding event.

In 2007 and 2008 the event was called "Vertigo Swiss Riviera". From 2009 the competition transformed into the Sonchaux Acro Show by leaving the official World Cup rules and making it exclusively invitational - only with 16 of the best pilots in the world (with half Swiss and half international).