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Bafra (small village of city Samsun at black sea cost in Turkey)

KAPIKAYA is one of the dream flying site at Black Sea cost in Turkey. There will be many kind of outdoor sports in the event like trekking, climbing, slackline, muntain biking, canoe etc but main activity is paragliding. First time organised at 2017 with huge succes and this year we expect much more perticipants from different sports and countries. Qualified acro pilots will be guest for the event and all transfer and accomodation fee will be provided including flight tickets. Almost all major paragliding clubs in Turkey will be join for the festival. Festival paraliding director is Alim YILDIRIM and you may reach at alim@ikarus.com.tr

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KAPIKAYA event will be organised second time this year. We hope to see many acro pilots here. Unfortunately lake is a bit far from take off otherwise we would organise acro competitions. Anyway maybe later by tow system. Site is just great I'm sure anybody who will join just love it. We have a great support from local authority for two years and we want to organise successful event. Next year we will try to arrange according to competition dates.