Acrolac started in 2002 and till 2004, and it took place at Lac d'Aiguebelette, close to Chambéry (France).
However Lac d'Aiguebelette was not the perfect spot for an aerobatics competition and many times the competitors didn't have enough altitude above the lake to finish their programs. In 2005 the organizers decided to move the competition to the nearby Lac du Borget. At Mont du Chat they opened a new take off place with a ramp which faces to the east and it usually allows the pilots to start till midday or early afternoon. The morning take-off site was completed by boat towing from the beach later on the day or whenever conditions were not good to fly from the montain.

This competition was a station of the World Aerobatics Tour (WAT) and also used to be the French Championships.

Since 2007 it was never organized again.