Swiss Championships

Swiss Champions 2009 in solo from left to right: Chrigel Maurer, Hervé Cerutti, Remo Niederer

The Swiss Acro Championships has been organized since 2006. At the beginning it always used to be a part other larger events such as the Vertigo Swiss Riviera but in the last years in developed to be an individual event that as well may include the Aerobatics Paragliding World Cup with international participants.

The chronology of the Swiss Championships:

2007 - Vertigo Swiss Riviera (Villeneuve, Sonchaux)
2008 - Vertigo Swiss Riviera (Villeneuve, Sonchaux)
2009 - Freestyleair (Beckenried, Klewenalp)
2010 - Cold Water Acro Session (Weesen, Amden)
2011 - 2nd Cold Water Acro Session (Weesen, Amden)
2012 - Acrolake 6th Swiss Championships (Brienz, Axalp)
2013 - Acrolake 7th Swiss Championships (Brienz, Axalp)